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Review Board 2.0.7 Release Notes

Release date: September 15, 2014


  • The experimental per-repository incoming webhooks for marking pushed changes as submitted have changed.

    If you’ve already configured the incoming webhooks for GitHub, Bitbucket, or Google Code, you’ll need to remove them and re-configure them, as the URLs have all changed. See below for more information on setting these new hooks.

  • The interdiff_revision query field on Diff Context Resource has been renamed to interdiff-revision.

    See the information in the Web API section below.

New Features

  • Improved the security and setup of per-repository incoming webhooks.

    The incoming webhooks used to mark changes as submitted have been largely rewritten. The new ones make use of a secret UUID value either in the URL or configured on the hosting service in order to prevent either intentional or unintentional requests to the webhook URL.

    This breaks any existing webhooks that have been configured, but configuring the new ones is now very easy.

    The repository list in the administration UI now includes a [Hooks] link next to any repositories that support hooks. Clicking this will provide simple instructions on usage and on configuring the hook.

  • Added simple RBTools configuration instructions for repositories.

    The repository list now contains [RBTools Setup] links next to each repository. Clicking this will provide simple instructions for configuring RBTools for that repository.

  • Added additional debug information for HTTP 500 error e-mails.

    When something breaks on Review Board, administrators will generally receive error e-mails detailing the breakage. These e-mails now contain information in the “META” section on the user who encountered the error (through the “USERNAME” and “USER_EMAIL” fields). If the error occurred on a Local Site, then “LOCAL_SITE” will also be provided.

Usability Improvements

  • The New Review Request page now displays helpful error messages when failing to load branches or commits from the server.


  • The ?to-groups= query on Review Request List Resource now works with Local Sites. (Bug #3539)

  • The interdiff_revision query field on Diff Context Resource has been renamed to interdiff-revision.

    The old name was unintentional, and caused some breakages when being used with RBTools.

    This API is considered internal and subject to change. As such, we’re not providing backwards-compatibility with the old name.

  • Authenticating with a garbage “Authorization” header now properly logs the failure and returns an Unauthorized code, instead of crashing.

  • Issuing a PUT request on Review Request Resource and specifying a change number for a review request without a repository no longer results in an error.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed deprecation warning log messages involving mimetypes.

  • Fixed the “Get Support” link when on Local Sites.

  • Removed the maximum password length when registering new accounts.


  • The Dashboard no longer initially appears squashed when loading the page.

Review Requests

  • The reply draft banner now smoothly scrolls with the page, and doesn’t cause stutters when reaching the end of the review.

  • Review request e-mails no longer contain extra blank lines in blocks of text, like the review request Description or Testing Done fields.

  • The associated commit ID is now removed when discarding a review request, preventing conflicts when posting a new review request with the same commit ID.

  • Posting a change with a commit ID will now fail gracefully if another draft has the same commit ID, instead of breaking on publish. (Bug #3508)

  • Closed review requests must now be reopened before uploading a new diff.

  • Fixed the display of the file attachment caption editor for newly uploaded file attachments.

  • Fixed links to files on newly uploaded file attachments.

  • The drag-and-drop indicator on a review request is now only shown if the review request is editable by the user. (Bug #3542)

    Patch by David Kus.

  • Fixed the size of single-line text fields on Firefox.

  • Fixed JavaScript errors when resizing the page.

  • “Review request changed” boxes showing changes on text fields that were provided by extensions no longer break the page if the text field was previously empty. (Bug #3549)

  • Fixed links to uploaded file attachments and users when using Local Sites.

  • Users who are admins on Local Sites will no longer see “Delete Permanently” under the Close menu.

Diff Viewer

  • Fixed showing interdiffs between diffs uploaded before Review Board 2.0.x and diffs uploaded after.

  • Fixed JavaScript errors when changing diff revisions too fast. (Bug #3514)

  • Fixed issues caching large rendered diff fragments.

  • Fixed a UnicodeWarning log message that could result when generating diffs.

New Review Request Page

  • Listed commits no longer link to review requests that happen to have the same commit ID but are on different repositories. (Bug #3545)


  • Fixed automating rb-site install without specifying a company name or administrator e-mail address. (Bug #3544)

  • Fixed hosting service account associations when configuring certain repositories.

    When configuring new or existing repositories to be backed by a hosting service, the account information wouldn’t always stay associated. This would happen for Google Code, Codebase HQ, Fedora Hosted, and Gitorious repositories.

    Existing repositories that were previously configured against one of these hosting services should be re-configured to set the service’s information again.

  • Fixed the sporadic existence of incoming per-repository webhook URLs.

    The first few requests made to a per-repository webhook URL could fail if that web server thread or process hadn’t already performed operations involving repositories or hosting services. The URLs, in this case, weren’t even registered yet. They’re now all registered when first initializing Review Board.

  • Fixed per-repository webhook URLs for Local Sites.

  • Fixed the condensediffs management command on Python 2.6.

  • Fixed the default crontab entry for clearing sessions to not use a deprecated command. (Bug #3535)

    Patch by Barret Rennie.


  • Fixed breakages when posting parent diffs using Mercurial.

    Patch by Steven MacLeod.


  • Fixed accepting certificates for Perforce repositories. (Bug #3512)


  • Fixed the display of some obscure-looking error messages (such as “callback_get_login required”).


  • Barret Rennie

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Kus

  • David Trowbridge

  • Steven MacLeod