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Review Board 2.0.3 Release Notes

Release date: July 14, 2014

New Features

  • Added a link to the new Review Board Package Store on the Extensions page.

    Administrators can follow this link to access the all-new Package Store, where developers can submit their Review Board/RBTools extensions or other third-party applications or scripts that work with Review Board.

    Packages shown in the Package Store are shown with installation instructions, screenshots, and release notes.

    Note that packages listed are not verified to be stable or reliable. We make no claims for any packages other than the ones that we provide.

  • Added support for posting empty added and deleted files.

    0-length files, such as a blank __init__.py file, can now be posted for review. They’ll be shown in the diff viewer as empty files.

    RBTools 0.6.1 or higher is required for posting empty files for Mercurial, Perforce, and Subversion repositories.

    Patch by Anselina Chia.

  • Added support for more than 100 repositories on GitLab.

    When running GitLab v6.8 or higher, Review Board can now see more than 100 repositories. Previously, due to API limitations, it was impossible to see more than 100.

    Patch by Thom Gerdes.

  • Users can now log in using their e-mail addresses.

    It’s common for users to try logging in with their e-mail address, since they rarely have to type their username. We now allow logging in with the e-mail address, provided there’s only one registered user with that address.

  • Added modern search indexing and session cleanup commands to the sample crontab.

    The sample crontab now has an improved command for updating the search index, which should be quicker than what we had shown before.

    It also contains an entry for calling the cleanup management command, which will remove any stale sessions in the database. For old installs, this should massively reduce the size of your database, if you haven’t already been calling it.

  • rb-site upgrade now replaces the sample crontab. (Bug #3435)

    Many old installs had ancient sample crontabs intended for search indexing that no longer reflected the modern world. Now, when upgrading a site, a cron.conf will be written with the new recommended crontab entries.

    We recommend that all administrators look at this file and incorporate it into their crontab.

  • Added a new Company/Organization setting in General Settings.

    This can be used to specify the company or organization that owns the server. It will be displayed when the user visits the support page.

    This field is optional.

  • Added a setting for controlling whether support usage statistics are sent to us.

    We use these statistics to help us diagnose common trends in support problems, to help prioritize supported platforms and versions, and to provide better support pages when a particular install’s users click Get Support. This data is never provided in any form to anybody but the core developers of Review Board.

    This can be toggled in the Support Settings page. New sites will be prompted during install by rb-site install.


Extension Media

  • Extension media will now always be installed for the first time on new servers, even if the settings data incorrectly claims it’s been installed.

    This can happen if an administrator moves Review Board to a new server without copying over the old media.

Review UIs

  • ReviewUI subclasses can now selectively be enabled or disabled for specific file attachments.

    A ReviewUI subclass can now implement is_enabled_for() to determine whether it should be enabled for a given file attachment, depending on the attachment, review request, or user.


  • When expanding links in resource payloads, infinite recursions should no longer be possible. (Bug #3442)

    This easily manifested by setting a review request’s Depends On to itself, or having two review requests depend on each other.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed visual issues with the display of the “permission denied” boxes when attempting to view review requests or pages that aren’t accessible.

  • Fixed typos in some strings and the translations.

  • Review UI pages now show draft banners.

  • Fixed initializing logging when running on Windows.

    Patch by Carlos Corrales.

Diff Viewer

  • Long lines in diffs now wrap properly. (Bug #3309)

    Long lines, particularly those with many consecutive non-breaking characters, didn’t used to wrap very well. In 2.0, they ended up getting cut off. Now, they wrap correctly, and column widths for both the original and modified files stay consistent.

  • Fixed various breakages with interdiffs. (Bug #3440)

    Some interdiffs would generate “replace” ranges that broke some logic in our interdiff handling, resulting in an error when viewing the diff. These should now be properly handled.

  • Viewing a diff fragment that has been deleted in the database now returns a HTTP 404, rather than a 500 Internal Sever Error. (Bug #3473)

    Patch by Erik Lattimore.

File Attachments

  • File attachment mimetypes are now guessed if the browser reports them as application/octet-stream. (Bug #2269)


  • Fixed review request counters in the dashboard getting out of sync with reality. (Bug #2268)

    Several fixes have gone in over time for this, but we have a much more solid case now for fixing the remaining issues.

  • Fixed middle or control-clicking rows in the dashboard, in order to open in new tabs/windows. (Bug #2521)

Review Requests

  • Diffs deleted from the database no longer break review requests that formerly referenced them. (Bug #3451)

  • Fixed multi-line text fields disappearing when publishing drafts.

  • Attempting to set a review request’s Depends On field to itself, or having two review requests depend on each other, should no longer break the page and result in timeouts. (Bug #3442)

My Account Page

  • The forms on the My Account page should now properly show any validation errors.


  • Improved some text on the “Manual Updates Required” page to clarify that the web server should be restarted after making changes. (Bug #3416)

  • The loaddb management command now gives instructions on installing the django-reset package, which is a prerequisite in modern versions of Django.

Repository Support

  • Creating a repository with the same path as an archived repository no longer results in errors.


  • Fixed Unicode issues with uploaded diff files.

  • CVS repository validation now displays any authentication-related errors, instead of claiming the repository wasn’t found.

  • When specifying a :pserver: (or similar) path, the username and password fields are no longer ignored.


  • Fixed Unicode errors when parsing Git diffs. (Bug #3467)


  • Fixed Unicode errors with UTF-8 files that have svn:keywords set. (Bug #3425)


  • Anselina Chia

  • Bruce Cran

  • Carlos Corrales

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Erik Lattimore

  • Thom Gerdes