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Review Board 1.7.26 Release Notes

Release date: June 10, 2014

Security Fixes

  • This release requires Django 1.4.13, which fixes a small handful of security issues. See Django’s announcement for more information.

  • Fixed an XSS issue in the diff viewer and file attachments with user real names.

    A user could set their real name to text including </script> to take advantage of an XSS bug on the diff viewer and file attachment pages. This is related to the fixes in Djblets 0.7.30 and 0.8.3.

    This is CVE-2014-3994 (discovered by “Uchida”).

New Features

  • Added per-user options for choosing whether to receive e-mail.

    Users can now toggle whether they want to receive e-mail from review requests or reviews. By default, all users will receive e-mail as before, but users may decide to turn this off.

    Note that this only applies when e-mails are being directly sent to the user. If the e-mail is going to a mailing list that the user is subscribed to, they’ll still see it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the repository API to allow non-administrator users with the scmtools.add_repository permission to create repositories. (Bug #3307)

  • Fixed building static media when building packages on systems with multiple parallel-installed versions of Django.

    Patch by Stephen Gallagher.

  • Fixed a small Unicode error when parsing diffs with non-ASCII filenames.

  • Fixed the CVS repository verification to work with CVS versions prior to 1.12. (Bug #3343)

  • Fixed stripping of XML-like comments.

    If a comment consisted only of XML or HTML-like text, it would get removed instead of saved. These comments will now be properly saved. (Bug #3298).

    Patch by Salam Al-yahya.


  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • Salam Al-yahya
  • Stephen Gallagher