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Review Board 1.5.6 Release Notes

Release date: August 20, 2011

New Features

  • The PATH environment variable is now shown in the error when patch.exe can’t be found, in order to help figure out where it needs to go.

  • rb-site more clearly informs that an existing database with valid permissions is needed for installation.

  • rb-site now lists recommendations for different services, and lists options that aren’t officially supported.

  • Tabs in the diff viewer are now marked up, allowing custom stylesheets to display them differently. By default, they don’t look any different. Patch by Jan Koprowski.

  • Added Fedora Hosted to the hosting provider options. Patch by Stephen Gallagher.

  • Editing a field and then canceling it on a review request now prompts for confirmation before discarding the new text. (Bug #2096)

  • Control-S now saves the current text in review request fields. (Bug #1958)

  • We now support storing lots of text in the Description and Testing Done fields on MySQL. (Bug #1481)

Performance Improvements

  • Review Board now requires Pygments 1.4 or higher. Older installations running older versions of Pygments should get a performance increase when rendering diffs.

Bug Fixes

  • Using Review Board with wsgi without mod_python installed on the system no longer prevents Review Board from breaking. (Bug #2023)

  • Screenshot draft captions are now always displayed correctly. Previously, only the main caption would display, making them appear blank on new uploads.

  • Changing screenshot draft captions now invalidates the cache, allowing them to be seen when reloading the page.

  • When sending an e-mail, we no longer crash if the sender has no e-mail address. (Bug #1943)

  • Caching really long files or diffs now works more consistently. Previously, it was possible for the data to not be stored correctly. (Bug #1660)

  • Fixed a date range calculation sometimes causing the log viewer to fail on the first of the month. (Bug #2218)

  • Failing to load the Review Board News feed in the administration UI due to a proxy will no longer cause an HTTP 500 error to display. (Bug #2189)

  • Invalid bug tracker URLs (those containing more than one %s, for example) in the administration UI no longer breaks review requests.

  • The Mercurial support no longer overrides the SSH client configuration if one is already provided. Patch by Ingo Proetel.

  • The recaptcha_client dependency has been renamed to recaptcha-client. Both technically work, but the former is more correct and makes packaging easier.

  • Fixed a few occasional errors that could show up on the dashboard under certain conditions.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Ingo Proetel

  • Jan Koprowski

  • Stephen Gallagher