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Review Board 1.6.6 Release Notes

Release date: April 25, 2012

Important Updates

  • GitHub is moving to a new API, and we’re hard at work on upgrading Review Board to use that API. In the meantime, they’ve removed the API Tokens (required for private GitHub repositories) from their account pages, but gave us an API for retrieving them.

    We’ve updated Review Board to include a button for getting the API token. This is actually a much nicer experience than what we had before.

    We’ll soon release a Review Board 1.6.x that supports the new GitHub API, along with an even easier configuration experience.

New Features

  • Added a button for fetching GitHub API tokens.

    There’s now a “Get your API Token” button on the repository page for private GitHub accounts that will fetch the API token. This is only needed for new GitHub accounts. Existing ones are unaffected.

  • Improved update bubbles.

    The update bubbles used to only say that a review request was updated. Now it will say if it was submitted or discarded as well.

    Patch by Jim Chen.

  • Diffs larger than 1MB can no longer be uploaded.

    Diffs over 1MB can slow down Review Board, causing problems on the server, particularly with large numbers of users. A diff that size is impractical to review. We’ve decided to return an error if the diff is that large.

  • Added a RB_EXTRA_APPS setting for settings.py.

    This can be used for installations that need to load custom Django apps, without having to override INSTALLED_APPS.

    Patch by Stephen Gallagher.

Web API Changes

  • Fixed the links in the FileDiff resource.

    The links generated for the FileDiff resources weren’t being generated correctly and pointed to non-existent URLs.

    Patch by Steven MacLeod.

  • Added an error for diff uploading (code 219) when the diff is empty.

  • Added an error for diff uploading (code 220) when the diff is over 1MB in size.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Jim Chen

  • Stephen Gallagher

  • Steven MacLeod