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Review Board 1.0.1 Release Notes

Release date: August 2, 2009.

New Features

  • Added compatibility with Mercurial 1.3.

  • One of the first-time problems people have had was getting patch installed, or even knowing to install it in the first place. Review Board now checks for the existence of patch or patch.exe when starting up. If it doesn’t exist, an error page will appear saying it’s missing and giving instructions how to download and install it.

  • Added instructions at the end of rb-site to change ownership of the db directory. It also now links to the Creating a Review Board Site documentation for further instructions. (Bug #1123)

  • Added some useful help text for the repository path in the Repository Administration page. It points out what values are expected for different repository types. (Bug #1160)

Bugs Fixed

  • Added ClearCase to the database by default. It was missing a database entry in 1.0, preventing people from using it without modifications.

  • Fixed the checks for executables in the path. We had some issues in 1.0 in Windows checking for cvs.exe and other executables in the path, due to using the wrong separator for the PATH environment variable. (Bug #1180)

  • Fixed a bug with Mercurial parent diffs when the parent diff included a binary file. Instead of showing an entry for the file, an error would be displayed. Fix by Colin Caughie.

  • Fixed a case where we would sometimes attempt to delete a review request during creation (due to an error during the creation process) and then save it. While the deletion was fine in this case, saving it made no sense, and would just cause the user to see a 500 error. (Bug #781)

  • Updating a review request against a Perforce repository will no longer clobber the Branch, Testing Done and Bugs fields with empty text on standard installs. (Bug #777)

  • Modifying comments on a screenshot in the Edit Review dialog caused the thumbnail to point to the wrong screenshot, due to the wrong ID being passed in. This now works as expected. Patch by Eric Huss. (Bug #1240)


  • Christian Hammond

  • Colin Caughie

  • David Trowbridge

  • Eric Huss

  • Helder Ribeiro