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Review Board 1.0.8 Release Notes

Release date: May 12, 2010

Bugs Fixed

  • When clicking on a line number (either on the left-hand or right-hand side of the diff viewer) with an existing comment flag, we now open the existing comment instead of showing a blank comment dialog. (Bug #1281)

  • Fixed some caching issues with the dashboard where two different review requests with identical subjects would link to the same review request. (Bug #1582)

  • Fixed another caching issue with the dashboard where adding a column could cause the columns to be improperly rendered until the page was reloaded.

  • The Review Board log file can now be rotated on Linux without interrupting logging or having to restart the web server.

  • Fixed a small bug where error output was getting lumped together on the console when failing to register SCMTools.


  • Christian Hammond

  • Dan Savilonis