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Review Board 3.0.17 Release Notes

Release date: February 11, 2020

Compatibility Changes

  • Updated GitHub API usage to use modern authentication and avoid deprecation warning e-mails.

    We’ve long relied on the original methods for passing authentication credentials to GitHub’s API. These were recently deprecated, and as of this week GitHub has been e-mailing information about this deprecation to people whose accounts are linked for repositories.

    This release employs the modern method, avoiding the e-emails. Future changes will build upon this to begin adjusting to more of GitHub’s modern authentication requirements.

  • Removed Google Code and Fedora Hosted from the repository configuration page.

    These services haven’t been around for a while, but we’ve continued to list them for compatibility reasons. This release finally removes them from the list of available hosting services.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some behind-the-scenes bugs with the repository configuration page.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge