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Review Board 1.0 Alpha 3 Release Notes

Release date: February 15, 2009

Feature Improvements

  • We now pre-load the first file on a page in the diff viewer, in order to make it appear that the page is loading faster. Many people felt the new, faster diff viewer was slower because even after the initial page load, they had to wait to see any diffs. They’re now able to work with the first diff the moment the diff viewer loads.

  • Added hover/clicked styling for the review request action buttons.

Bugs Fixed in the Diff Viewer

  • Fixed some major performance issues when typing in the diff viewer. This was the cause of many reports of slowdown and visual oddities when creating comments.

  • Unchanged files should no longer show errors in interdiffs.

  • Fixed file-based navigation (< and > keys) in the diff viewer. (Bug #696)

  • We no longer show a nonsensical error when SVN logins fail. (Bug #721)

  • Fixed anchors in the diff viewer. (Bug #828)

  • Fixed the “Expand/Collapse Diffs” toggle in the diff viewer. (Bug #862)

Bugs Fixed in Reviews

  • The review request page is no longer cached across login sessions. We were over-aggressive in the caching and are now a lot more careful.

  • Upload Diff/Screenshot dialogs on Safari are now centered instead of being docked to the far-left side.

  • Uploading diffs and screenshots now works on Safari.

  • Empty Changeset errors in Perforce should now properly be shown to the user. They were in some cases triggering a server-side error.

  • The Change Description field no longer animates open on page load.

  • Sentences containing the word “bug” or “issue” no longer generate links unless followed by either specifically a number or a “#” followed by alphanumeric characters.

  • Fixed some escaping issues in the review request summary, which would cause characters (such as quotes) to appear incorrectly. (Bug #860)

  • Fixed some issues with auto-linking text in the Description and Testing Done fields. There were issues on initial page loads with linking URLs that were followed by quotes, “<” and “>”. (Bug #864)

Bugs Fixed in rb-site

  • Generated settings_local.py files no longer have DEBUG=True enabled by default.

  • The generated FastCGI and Apache config files should now work better out of the box. We had path issues in reviewboard.fcgi. We also now set the PYTHON_EGG_CACHE directory and default to processing .htaccess files in htdocs (which some distros don’t have enabled by default).