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Review Board 1.7 RC 1 Release Notes

Release date: November 29, 2012

This release contains all bug fixes and features found in Review Board version 1.6.14.

New Features

  • Added infrastructure for new review UIs for file attachments.

    Going forward, this will allow us to provide ways to review different types of file attachments. The support is still young and we’ll flesh it out in subsequent 1.7.x releases.

  • Added the ability to review image file attachments.

    This works just like screenshot functionality. An image uploaded as a file attachment can be reviewed by clicking-and-dragging on the image to comment on the selected area. These comments will appear in the review.

  • Markdown (.md) and ReStructured Text (.rst) file attachments now have nice rendered thumbnails. Patch by Sampson Chen.

  • Added the “My Comments” column to the per-user review request list. Patch by Aamir Mansoor. (Bug #2163)

  • Bugs listed in the dashboard now link to the bug report. (Bug #2589)

Removed Features

  • Screenshots can no longer be uploaded in the UI.

    Instead, file attachments should be used, now that image file attachments can be reviewed just like screenshots could. Existing screenshots are unaffected.

    The API can still be used to upload screenshots. That will be removed in 1.8.

Usability Improvements

  • Restyled the administration UI.

    This is cleaner, less visually cluttered, and more consistent across most all pages.

  • The “Repository” and “Change Number” fields on a review request are no longer shown if they’re unrelated to that review request.

  • The expand/collapse review buttons are now larger, making them easier to hit, particularly on touch screens. Patch by Aamir Mansoor. (Bug #2358)

  • Added Retina versions of the Gravatars.

    If using a Retina-capable display (newer MacBook Pro, iPhone, or iPad), all gravatars will load as higher-resolution images.

    We’ll be making Retina versions of all our artwork over time.

  • File attachment thumbnails are now slimmed down. Clicking the thumbnail will open the review UI, if any.

Web API Changes

  • Custom data can be stored in a file attachment comment.

    This can be done by specifying a extra_data.myfield field when creating or updating a file attachment comment. myfield will then be accessible in the extra_data dictionary.

    If the value is blank, the key will be removed.

Extension Changes

  • Extensions must now accept variable arguments and pass them down to the main Extension class. All Extension subclasses that don’t do this will break.

Bug Fixes

General Interface

  • Fixed a number of regressions in the UI from 1.7 beta 2.

    This includes auto-completion, quick search, and much more.

  • The latest static media will always be used after an upgrade. Previously, older media could be cached and used.

  • Fixed the display of the avatar on the account bar at the top of the page. Patch by Mike Conley.

  • Fixed several style issues with rounded corners throughout the UI.

  • Long nicknames and e-mail addresses on the user page no longer overflows on most browsers. Patch by Yazan Medanat.

  • Removed parenthesis in the user autocompletion and quick search lists when the user doesn’t have a name listed. Patch by Crystal Lok Koo.

User Profiles

  • Fixed setting timezones for users. (Bug #2797)

    We were only showing the timezone selector if using standard authentication, and setting the timezone didn’t work properly. Now it works properly for any and all authentication backends.

File Attachments

  • Fixed deleting text file attachments. (Bug #2805)

  • The thumbnail for a file attachment is now shown after newly uploading a file.

Review Requests

  • The review request draft/submitted/discarded banner no longer shifts when opening or closing the description editor.

  • The review request fields no longer shift around when opening the inline editors.

  • The reply draft banner is now shown immediately when replying to a comment.

  • Changing the status of issues on a review now invalidates the cache of the page.

  • It’s no longer possible to accidentally trigger saving a comment in a hidden comment dialog. (Bug #2775)

  • Attempting to download raw diffs with unicode filenames no longer causes errors. (Bug #2581)

  • The editable fields no longer go into edit mode when simply selecting text. Patch by Dave Druska.


  • Review requests without repositories no longer shows “None” in the Repository column.


  • URLs for URLHooks, administration pages, and API resources are now added and removed properly when enabling or disabling extensions.

  • Extension settings and lists are now synced across all Apache threads or processes.

Administration UI

  • The Request Statuses widget in the admin UI no longer overlaps other widgets.

  • The Server setting in General Settings no longer appears blank. (Bug #2757)

  • The Cache Statistics page now consistently shows statistics for memcached.

  • Removed the “View On Site” link in the admin UI. (Bug #2099)

    This never did the right thing and only confused users.


  • Aamir Mansoor

  • Christian Hammond

  • Crystal Lok Koo

  • Dave Druska

  • David Trowbridge

  • Karl Leuschen

  • Mike Conley

  • Sampson Chen

  • Tina Yang

  • Wesley Ellis

  • Yazan Medanat