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Review Board 1.6 RC 2 Release Notes

Release date: July 21, 2011

New Features

  • File attachment comments.

    Users can now add comments to file attachments. These attachments will appear in the review, just like diff and screenshot comments.

    This was mistakingly listed as a feature of RC 1, but does work now in RC 2.

  • File attachment drag-and-drop. (Bug #1993)

    Arbitrary files can now be dropped onto the review request to upload them. The drag-and-drop experience for both file attachments and screenshots have been greatly improved, and it’s faster and easier to upload files now.

  • Added close descriptions to review requests. (Bug #268, Bug #693, Bug #1052)

    When closing a review request (discarding or marking as submitted), a description can now be added on the close banner. This works much like a change description for drafts. These can be used to describe why a change was discarded, or what revision it was submitted as, or anything else.

    Patch by Hongbin Lu.

  • Added alerts whenever leaving a page would cause data loss. (Bug #1794)

    Leaving a page while a field or a comment or anything else is being edited will now prompt the user to make them aware they may lose changes. They’ll have an option to leave the page or stay on the page.

  • Added confirmation when canceling a field with new changes. (Bug #2096)

  • Added a Control-S shortcut to save the field you’re editing. Patch by Hongbin Lu. (Bug #2096)

  • Added support for HTTP Basic Auth for Git repositories when using the web-based raw file URL method.

    Private git repositories requiring a username and password through the HTTP Basic Auth mechanism can now be accessed from Review Board. The repository’s username and password are used when accessing the file requires authorization.

  • Added stunnel support for Perforce.

    Perforce repositories can be secured by using stunnel on the client and server. Review Board now knows how to make use of this. A Perforce repository path beginning with stunnel: will tell Review Board to use stunnel for all communication to that repository.

  • Provide better instructions when manual updates to the server are required.

    Review Board’s Manual Updates pages have historically been a bit confusing, and sometimes were misleading. They’ve now been completely replaced with useful, detailed sets of instructions, along with any error messages that would make debugging problems (broken database connections, for example) easier.

    It should be much easier now to get going after installing an existing Review Board release, upgrading an old one, or when something goes wrong with the database connection.

  • Added Gitorious as a hosting service for repositories. (Bug #2053)

    Gitorious is now a supported hosting service for Review Board, and can be easily configured on the Review Request page.

    Patch by Hongbin Lu.

  • Added People and Groups columns to the dashboard.

    These new columns show the individual and group reviewers listed for review requests.

    Patch by Philipp Henkel.

  • Added additional LDAP configuration for name attributes. (Bug #2122)

    LDAP configurations can use different attributes to store people’s names. These attributes can now be customized in the LDAP configuration.

    Patch by Tucker Dewitt.

Web API Changes

  • Added a ?ship-it= parameter to the review requests list resource.

    The /api/review-requests/ API gained a ?ship-it= filter that makes it easy to locate review request that either have a Ship It (if ship-it=1), or have none (if ship-it=0).

  • Added support for HTTP caching headers for resources.

    Resources now provide and respect Last-Modified timestamps and ETags. Clients with HTTP caching header awareness will be able to tell if resources need to be fetched, or if the cached version will suffice.

    It’s possible that there will be regressions on some resources that don’t properly recompute their timestamps. If you encounter stale data, send us a bug report.

  • Fixed accessing diff resources for closed review requests. (Bug #2009)

    The diffs resource (and possibly others) was failing when accessed on a closed review request. It would return a 404 Not Found.

  • Errors accessing Perforce repositories are now reported in the web API.

Bug Fixes

  • Review request counts in the dashboard’s sidebar should now be correct if they were broken in older releases. They’ve been reset in this release.

  • LDAP referrals are now turned off. (Bug #1641)

    If this impacts you, please let us know and we’ll add an option for turning it back on.

  • Fixed JavaScript errors on Internet Explorer. (Bug #2152)

  • Fixed a JavaScript error when canceling a newly created, empty reply to a comment.

  • Fixed the star/unstar issue counts for review requests. (Bug #2051)

    Starring and unstarring a review request could break the star counts in the dashboard. This mostly happened for unpublished review requests.

    Patch by Megan Schneider.

  • Fixed screenshot comment location problems on Chrome and Firefox. Patch by Hongbin Lu. (Bug #2025)

  • Closing issues no longer changes the review timestamp. This was causing reviews to shuffle around on the page. (Bug #2156)

  • The dashboard should no longer generate errors about id_list not being set. (Bug #1526)

  • Invalid bug tracker URLs (those with extra “%s” or other format strings) no longer break review requests. These invalid URLs are instead logged.

  • Trailing ) characters on links are no longer included in the link. (Bug #2002)

  • The proper screenshot caption is now shown after uploading a screenshot through the Add Screenshot button. (Bug #2171)

  • The issue tracker buttons (“Fixed” and “Discard”) are no longer shown to all users, just to the owner of the review request. Patch by Mike Conley.

  • Removed the unwanted “Uploaded files” label on review requests without file attachments.

  • The Expand Reviews button is no longer shown if there aren’t any reviews.

  • Fixed the name of the “recaptcha-client” dependency. This didn’t affect most users, but it was causing problems for some packagers.

Feature Polish

  • The user page now has a bit of polish, and looks closer to how the user hover bubble looks.

  • Updated the styles for the issue bars. The icons and color scheme have been tweaked a bit.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Hongbin Lu

  • Megan Schneider

  • Mike Conley

  • Paul Schulz

  • Philipp Henkel

  • Tucker Dewitt