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Review Board 3.0.15 Release Notes

Release date: June 11, 2019


If you use Bitbucket for hosting code, you will need to upgrade to this release in order to continue posting new diffs for review and viewing existing diffs, due to an API change in Bitbucket.


These updates only apply if you’re maintaining custom packages for Review Board. System administrators will receive these updates automatically upon installation.


  • Fixed handling click events for custom review request actions registered using RB.ReviewRequestActionHook().


  • Review Request Draft Resource now properly validates the depends_on values.

    This will check that the values are all numeric review request IDs, and not something like a URL, showing a suitable error message.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed rendering of the fallback avatars and some custom backends in user selector widgets.

  • Fixed the fallback avatar service not being used when a default avatar service is configured. (Bug #4800)


  • Fixed some rendering bugs with HTML e-mails.

    Patch by Erik Johansson.

Review Requests

  • Large images in text fields no longer overflow the field.

    This applies to the review request description, Testing Done, and any reviews. The images will be sized to properly fit within the bounds of the text box.

  • Fixed displaying emojis in text fields. (Bug #4817)

    The CDN used to render emojis had changed, breaking the display in any review request fields. We’ve updated the URLs to use the correct CDN.

  • The Depends On field now validates non-numeric review request IDs without showing crash errors.


  • Fixed validating and rendering diffs.

    On June 11, 2019, an API we used to fetch the content of files had been removed, replaced by a newer API. This broke uploading of new diffs and viewing of existing diffs. We now use the new API.

    This version is required for continued use of Bitbucket.

  • Fixed crashes in parsing certain Bitbucket webhook payloads.

    Bitbucket changed the contents of their payloads in subtle but important ways, leaving out data in some cases and therefore breaking our parsing of the payload contents and generating errors. We now do a better job of handling missing data, falling back or skipping the event entirely.


  • Fixed a regression with saving user and group access lists for repositories.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Erik Johansson