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Administration Guide

Installing Review Board

Ready to get started with Review Board? We’ve made it pretty easy, depending on your platform.

Installation will happen in two steps:

Upgrading Review Board

When you’re ready to upgrade to a new version of Review Board, simply follow these steps:

Optimizing/Scaling Your Server

Once you have things running, you’ll want to make sure things are working at peak performance by following our guides.

The Administration UI

The Administration UI provides configuration options, database management, news updates and system information. This area is available to all users with staff status and can be reached by clicking Admin in your account navigation menu in the top-right of any page.

The Administration UI is composed of four main areas:

Configuring Review Board

After your site is set up, you may want to go through settings and set up your authentication backend (if using LDAP, Active Directory, etc.), your e-mail server, and enable logging, at a minimum. There are multiple settings pages available through the Administration UI:

Next, you’ll want to configure your repositories, review groups, and default reviewers:

You can also configure tighter access control and give special permissions to users:

That’s not all you can set up.

Site Maintenance

Review Board ships with some command line management tools for working with Review Board site directories, search indexes, handle password resets, and more.