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Logging Settings

These settings control how Review Board logs data. Logging is often useful for debugging purposes and for spotting some server problems.

Review Board’s built-in logging is different from the web server’s logging, and will not log page visits.

If logging is enabled, the log file can be viewed in the Server Log, linked to on the Administrator Dashboard.


  • Enable logging:

    Enables logging of Review Board operations. This will log data to the file specified in Log directory.

    This defaults to being disabled.

  • Log directory:

    The directory where log files will be stored. This must be writable by the web server.

    This defaults to the logs directory under the Review Board site directory.


  • Allow code profiling:

    Logs the time spent on certain operations. This is primarily useful for debugging during Review Board development, and will greatly increase the size of log files.

    This defaults to being disabled.