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Trello Integration

New in version 3.0.4.

Trello is a task and project management tool for teams of all sizes. Unlike many task trackers, Trello represents tasks as cards placed into columns on a board, helping to visually organize information, what state tasks are in, and the flow of tasks.

Review Board integrates with Trello, adding a review request field for associating related cards with a change. You can have as many integrations as you want, allowing the field to only be shown for certain groups or repositories on Review Board or for them to map to different Trello teams.

Configuring Trello

To configure an integration with Trello:

  1. Click Add a new configuration for Trello on the Integrations page in the Administration UI.

    ../../../_images/trello-add-integration.png ../../../_images/trello-config.png
  2. Give the configuration a descriptive name. This can be anything you choose, and is only important if you plan to have multiple configurations.

  3. Select the conditions under which the Trello cards field should appear for this integration. This lets you limit this configuration for specific repositories or review groups, if needed. To always show the field, select Always match.

  4. Enter your Trello API key and API token. You can find the API key by visiting the Trello Developer API Key page. In the same section as your key, you’ll find a link to generate a token. Place both in their respective fields in your Review Board configuration.


Adding Cards to Review Requests

When Trello is enabled, a Trello Cards field will be shown below Testing Done. Editing this field (by clicking the pencil icon) will let you search for and add cards related to your review request. Once you’ve specified the cards you want, click OK to save the field.

The names of added cards will be shown in the field. Clicking a name will take you to the details for that card in Trello.