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Top-level signals for initialization, upgrades, and settings changes.

initializing = <django.dispatch.dispatcher.Signal object>[source]

Emitted when the initialization of Review Board is complete.

This will emit any time a process or thread has finished initializing, and is ready to serve requests.

finalized_setup = <django.dispatch.dispatcher.Signal object>[source]

Emitted when an install or upgrade has been finalized.

This occurs after a rb-site install, rb-site upgrade, or manage.py upgrade.

New in version 4.0.


is_upgrade (bool) – Whether an upgrade, rather than a new install, has been finalized.

site_settings_loaded = <django.dispatch.dispatcher.Signal object>[source]

Emitted when site settings have been loaded.

Any time there are new settings saved or loaded, this will emit. Consumers can listen and update their own state based on the new settings.