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Permission Groups

When managing users, it’s sometimes useful to give certain groups of users special abilities in Review Board. For example, giving a certain group the ability to mark other users’ review requests as submitted.

While these permissions can be applied to users individually, it’s better to define special permission groups that the users can belong to.

In most installations with one or two administrators, this feature isn’t used. It’s most useful in open source projects when you have a group of developers who are responsible for committing the contributed patch and then marking the review request as submitted.

Adding Permission Groups

To add a new permission group, click the Add link next to the Groups entry in the Database section of the Administration UI. Make sure to choose Groups and not Review groups.

A form will appear with the following fields:

  • Name (required)

    The name of the group. This will only ever be seen in the Administration UI.

  • Permissions (optional)

    The list of permissions applied to users in the group.

    Most of the permissions have to do with giving users the ability to modify things in the Database section of the Administration UI. The only permissions that apply to Review Board itself are:

    • reviews | review request | Can change status

    • reviews | review request | Can submit as another user

    • reviews | review request | Can edit review request

    See Setting Permissions for more information.

When done, click Save to create the permission group.

Assigning Permission Groups

To assign a user to a permission group, edit the user and select the group in the Groups box toward the bottom. This is a multiple selection list. Only highlighted groups are assigned. You can hold down Control (on the PC) or Command (on the Mac) to select multiple groups.

Editing Permission Groups

To edit a permission group, click Groups in the Database section of the Administration UI. You can then browse to the group you want to modify and click it.

See Adding Permission Groups for a description of each field.

When done, click Save to save your changes.

Deleting Permission Groups

To delete a permission group, follow the instructions in Editing Permission Groups to find the group you want to get rid of. Then click Delete at the bottom of the page.