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Automated Code Review

New in version 3.0.

Review Board provides some tools for doing automated review when code changes are published. By integrating static analysis tools, style checkers, and CI builds into your review process, you can free up your developers to concentrate on the larger, more important issues.

How Automated Code Reviews Appear

Automated code reviews are presented using a status update on the review request. These are presented in a box either directly below the review request box, or inside the Review request changed boxes, depending on whether the status update is for the initial revision of a diff or subsequently added revisions.


Each status update can have a name, a state (such as running, failed, or succeeded), and optionally link to an external log. These can also be associated with a review listing issues which need to be fixed, which will appear inline in the Checks run section.

If you’re interested in developing your own tools which can post status updates, see the API documentation.

Automated Code Review Tools

There are several tools which can help with automated code review. Some of these are bundled with Review Board, and some are available through external or third-party tools.