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class MarkdownReviewUI(review_request, obj)[source]

Bases: reviewboard.reviews.ui.text.TextBasedReviewUI

A Review UI for markdown files.

This renders the markdown to HTML, and allows users to comment on each top-level block (header, paragraph, list, code block, etc).

supported_mimetypes = ['text/x-markdown'][source]
object_key = 'markdown'[source]

The key passed to the template representing the object.

can_render_text = True[source]

alias of reviewboard.reviews.chunk_generators.MarkdownDiffChunkGenerator

extra_css_classes = ['markdown-review-ui'][source]
js_view_class = 'RB.MarkdownReviewableView'[source]

The name of the JavaScript view class to use for the Review UI.


Generates a render of the text.

By default, this won’t do anything. Subclasses should override it to turn the raw text into some form of rendered content. For example, rendering Markdown.

get_source_lexer(filename, data)[source]

Returns the lexer that should be used for the text.

By default, this will attempt to guess the lexer based on the filename, falling back to a plain-text lexer.

Subclasses can override this to choose a more specific lexer.

__annotations__ = {}