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Replying to Comments

All reviews (including comments on code and file attachments) are shown on the review request page in individual review boxes. Discussion about a particular review will take place solely within that review box.

To reply to a comment in a review, click the Add comment link below the comment on the right-hand side of the box. You can type your comment and then press OK to save, or Cancel to discard the comment.

You can use rich text in your replies using the Markdown language. See Using Markdown for more information.

Unpublished comments (as indicated by your name in green) will appear only to you. To publish your replies, click Publish in the reply draft banner at the top of that review box.

Depending on the server setup, replying to a review may send out an e-mail to all people involved in that review. This is displayed as part of a threaded discussion in the e-mail clients. Because of this, you must publish replies on a per-review basis. It’s like replying to separate e-mail threads in a mail client.