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Upgrading Review Board Sites

After upgrading Review Board, you will need to upgrade each site directory. This performs the following actions:

  • Applies new changes to your database

  • Adds new media files to your site directory

  • Migrates data for the new version

Minor version upgrades are generally very quick, completing in seconds.

Major version upgrades may take longer, depending on your database.

We strongly recommend backing up your database and testing the upgrade on a staging server, in case anything goes wrong!


Enable read-only mode from the General Settings page to alert your users before performing an upgrade.

This will prevent users from posting changes or working on reviews during upgrade.

Don’t forget to disable read-only mode once the upgrade is finished!

To upgrade a Review Board site:

  1. Run:

    $ rb-site upgrade /path/to/sitedir

    For example:

    $ rb-site upgrade /var/www/reviews.example.com

    This will report the progress of the upgrade. If it fails to report a successful upgrade, stop and reach out to support for help.

  2. If you’re using SELinux, re-apply your site permissions:

    $ restorecon -Rv /path/to/sitedir

    For example:

    $ restorecon -Rv /var/www/reviews.example.com

    This requires that you followed the SELinux steps linked above.

  1. Restart your web server.

Your site should be ready!