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Bazaar Repositories

Review Board supports posting and reviewing code on Bazaar repositories.

To simplify posting changes to Review Board, we recommend using RBTools. This ensures that the diffs are in the correct format, and makes managing review requests much easier.


This guide assumes that you’re adding a Bazaar repository that’s hosted somewhere in your network or one that’s accessible by your Review Board server. Review Board requires local or network access to your repository.

Follow the documentation in the links below if your Bazaar repository is hosted on one of these services, as configuration may differ.

Installing Bazaar Support

Before you add the repository, you will need to install Bazaar on the server. We recommend installing this using the Python packages instead of your distribution packages.

To install Bazaar, run:

$ pip install bzr

Adding the Repository

To configure a Bazaar repository, first proceed to add the repository and select Bazaar from the Repository type field.

You can then enter any valid Bazaar repository path into the Path field. If your repository may be used at an additional path, you can also provide an additional path for lookup matching purposes in a Mirror path.

Using SSH-Backed Reposoitories

If you’re using a Bazaar repository over a SSH connection, you will need to configure a SSH key in Review Board, and grant access on the repository. You will also need to specify a username, either in the repository path or in the Username field. The password field can usually be left blank.