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class TokenAuthBackend[source]

Bases: djblets.webapi.auth.backends.api_tokens.TokenAuthBackendMixin, reviewboard.accounts.backends.base.BaseAuthBackend

Authenticates users and their API tokens for API requests.

This will handle authenticating users and their API tokens for API requests. It’s only used for API requests that specify a username and a token.


alias of reviewboard.webapi.models.WebAPIToken

__annotations__ = {}
class OAuth2TokenAuthBackend[source]

Bases: djblets.webapi.auth.backends.oauth2_tokens.OAuth2TokenBackendMixin, reviewboard.accounts.backends.base.BaseAuthBackend

An OAuth2 token authentication backend that handles local sites.

This is similar to oauth2_provider.backends.OAuth2Backend except it ensures the application is enabled and either:

  • not limited to a local site; or

  • limited to the local site being requested.

verify_request(request, token, user)[source]

Ensure the given authentication request is valid.

This method ensures the following:

  • The Application being used for authentication is enabled.

  • The Local Site the Application is associated with matches the Local Site of the current HTTP request.

  • If the Application is associated with a Local Site that site must be accessible to the user performing the authentication.


Whether or not the authentication request is valid.

Return type


__annotations__ = {}
class WebAPIBasicAuthBackend[source]

Bases: djblets.webapi.auth.backends.basic.WebAPIBasicAuthBackend

A specialized WebAPI Basic auth backend that supports e-mail addresses.


Return the credentials supplied in the request.

If the user provides an e-mail address as the username credential, it will be translated to a username.


request (django.http.HttpRequest) – The request containing the credentials.


A dictionary of the supplied credentials.

Return type