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Publishing Reviews

You can publish your review by clicking Publish Review on the review draft banner or review dialog.


After publishing your review, it will show up in the review request page with all the comments you’ve written. Anybody can reply to your comments to discuss your feedback.

If the administrator has enabled e-mail support, the owner of the review request and all existing reviewers will be e-mailed a copy of your new review. Notifications may also be sent to any chat services you have configured.

Once you have published a review, you can’t go back and edit it (but you can later revoke a Ship It! if you filed one).

E-mailing Only the Owner On Publish

If your comments are pretty trivial, or not worth e-mailing out to everyone who’s watching, you can choose to publish reviews only to the owner of the change. Everyone can still see them on the review request page, but they won’t receive e-mails.

You can do this by hovering over the drop-down arrow on the Publish Review and choosing and only e-mail the owner (instead of clicking Publish Review directly). That will immediately publish your change and e-mail only the owner.


Note that Review Board extensions and integrations may change their behavior as well when choosing this option.