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Slack Integration

New in version 3.0.

Slack is a popular chat service used for workplace communication, supporting integrations with a great number of services.

Review Board can integrate with Slack to post notifications whenever review requests or reviews are published. You can have multiple different Slack configurations to deliver notifications to different channels (or even different Slack instances).

Integration Configuration

To configure an integration with Slack:

  1. Click Add a new configuration for Slack on the Integrations page in the Administration UI.

  2. Give the configuration a descriptive name. This can be anything at all, and just helps identify this configuration.

  3. Select the conditions under which Review Board will send notifications to Slack under this configuration. If you have a small Review Board server and want all notifications to go to the same place, you can set this to Always match. However, you can also create complex rules to match based on repository, groups, or other criteria.

  4. Register a new Incoming WebHook on Slack by visiting the App Directory. You can also get there by viewing a channel in Slack, clicking its name in the bar above the chat, then clicking Add apps -> Manage apps…

    Once there, navigate to Custom Integrations -> Incoming WebHooks -> Add Configuration. Choose the channel you want to post updates to and then click Add Incoming WebHooks integration.

    This will create your Incoming WebHook. Look for the Webhook URL and paste that in the matching field for your configuration on Review Board.

  5. If you want to reuse the same WebHook URL for multiple channels on the same Slack team, you can. Just provide the same URL you used in another integration and then set the Send to Channel field to your desired channel.