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Uploading File Attachments

Any type of file can be added to a review request. Log files, binaries, test data, audio, or anything else. This is especially helpful for files that are part of a change but can’t be represented in diffs, as well as things like attaching a screenshot of changes that affect user interfaces.


Many types of files, including text and images, can be displayed on Review Board and reviewed by clicking on the areas where you want to add comments. This works just like the review process for source code. Simply click the thumbnail or click Review to begin reviewing the file.

Not all types of files have this support. For those files, clicking Add Comment will let you leave a comment that applies to the whole file.

See Reviewing File Attachments for more information.

There are two ways to upload a file attachment:

  1. Click Update ‣Add File on the action bar, browse for the file to upload, and optionally enter a caption for the file.

  2. Drag the file from your file manager into the review request.

    When dragging over the browser window, a black overlay will appear, showing you where to drop the file to upload it.

    When you drop the file, the overlay will disappear and the file will upload.

    You can drag and upload multiple files at a time.

    Note that this requires a modern HTML5-capable browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox 3.6+.

Updating File Attachments

File attachments have an associated history similar to source code if they are updated throughout the life of a review request.

To update a file attachment:

In the file attachment thumbnail for the respective file on the review request page, click the Down Arrow ‣Update File then browse for the new version of the file to upload, and optionally change the caption for the file.

See Reviewing File Attachments for more information on how file attachments with multiple revisions are reviewed.