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Approving Changes (Ship It!)

To give your approval for a change, you want to file a review with a “Ship It!” This is a way of telling the owner of the change that you’re happy with how it looks.

It’s up to your organization to decide how these are used. Some organizations may have policy about how many are required before a change can land, or who must approve a change. By default, review requests are considered approved if there’s at least one Ship It! and no open issues, but this can be customized by writing an extension that implements custom approval logic.

There are a couple ways of filing a Ship It! review.

Filing “Ship It!”-Only Reviews

The quickest way to file a Ship It! review is to click Ship It! on the review request’s action bar. This will confirm that you want to publish the review, and will then immediately create and publish a review simply saying “Ship It!”. If you’re happy with the change and have nothing else to add, this is a good, quick way to give your approval.


Marking “Ship It!” in the Review Dialog

You might want to add a bit more to your review along with your “Ship It!”. Maybe you want to give some praise for an awesome change. You can do this by opening the review dialog and clicking the Ship It! checkbox.


This will give you the opportunity to fill out the Header field with a general summary. It’s a good opportunity to say something encouraging. Note that unlike with “Ship It!”-only reviews, this will not default to saying “Ship It!”.

It’s also a good opportunity to add some General Comments or edit any existing comments you’ve filed, if you’re posting a Fix It, then Ship It! review.

“Fix It, Then Ship It!”

New in version 2.5.

You can also mark a review as “Ship It!” and file issues at the same time. When you do this, your published review will be in a “Fix It, then Ship It!” state, indicating that there’s still some work to be done but it otherwise is approved.


This is best done only if the remaining issues are trivial (such as a simple typo or indentation fix).

When the owner of the change resolves the last issue filed on your review, it will immediately transition to a “Ship It!” state.

Revoking Your “Ship It!”

New in version 3.0.

If you filed a “Ship It!” review and want to undo it, simply hover the mouse over the “Ship It!” label and click the X button. The page will confirm that you want to revoke your Ship It! and that this cannot be undone. Once confirmed, the Ship It! label will go away.


You might want to do this if you realize you forgot to review some part of the change, wanted a second look, or the change has grown so much since your review that your Ship It! no longer applies.

A “Ship It!” on a “Fix it, then Ship it!” review can also be removed by first hovering over the “Fix it!” label. The green “Ship it!” label will slide down and you’ll be able to click the X to revoke it.