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Gerrit Repositories

Review Board supports posting and reviewing code on Gerrit repositories.

Existing commits in a repository can be browsed and put up for review. Change requests in Gerrit, however, are not currently supported.

To simplify posting changes to Review Board, we recommend using RBTools. This ensures that the diffs are in the correct format, and makes managing review requests much easier. See Using RBTools with Git for more information.

Adding the Repository

To configure a Gerrit repository, first proceed to add the repository and select Gerrit from the Hosting type field.

Step 1: Installing gerrit-reviewboard-plugin

Review Board requires additional API endpoints to effectively use Gerrit as a hosting service. We provide a Gerrit plugin which, when installed, allows Gerrit to function as a hosting service.

Download the plugin into your Gerrit server’s plugin directory at /path/to/gerrit/plugins and restart the Gerrit server.

Step 3: Provide Repository Information

Next, you’ll need to fill out the following fields:

Gerrit URL:

The URL to the root of your Gerrit instance.

SSH port:

The port configured for SSH access to your Gerrit instance.

Project name:

The name of the project on your Gerrit instance.

Step 4: Choose a Bug Tracker

You can specify a bug tracker on another service. Gerrit, at the time of this writing, does not provide one, but you can choose one on another service or provide a custom URL to your own bug tracker.

Learn more about bug tracker configuration.

Step 5: Manage Access Control

You can now choose who should have access to this repository (both posting against it and viewing review requests posted against it). This is separate from Gerrit’s own access controls.

Learn more about access control.

Step 6: Save the Repository

At this point, you should be able to save the repository. If saving succeeds, you’re done! You can start posting changes for review.