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Matrix Integration

New in version 5.0.

Matrix is a decentralized chat service used for workplace communication, which is based on an open standard. It supports numerous different clients and tools.

Review Board can integrate with Matrix to post notifications whenever review requests or reviews are published. You can have multiple different Matrix configurations to deliver notifications to different rooms (or even different Matrix servers).

Integration Configuration

To configure an integration with Matrix:

  1. Click Add Integration, then select Matrix on the Integrations page in the Administration UI.

  2. Give the configuration a descriptive name. This can be anything at all, and just helps identify this configuration.

  3. Select the conditions under which Review Board will send notifications to Matrix under this configuration. If you have a small Review Board server and want all notifications to go to the same place, you can set this to Always match. However, you can also create complex rules to match based on repository, groups, or other criteria.

  4. Connect Review Board to Matrix. This requires three pieces of information.

    The Access Token is a key which allows Review Board to connect to Matrix. In Element, it can be found at Profile -> All settings -> Help & About -> Advanced.

    The Room ID is a key which identifies which room to send notifications to. In Element, it can be found by clicking the three dots beside the room icon, and then selecting Settings -> Advanced.

    Finally, the Server URL defines the Matrix server to connect to. In most cases this will be https://matrix.org but this can be changed if you have a different Matrix server.