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A backend for the Whoosh search engine.

class WhooshConfigForm(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: reviewboard.search.search_backends.base.SearchBackendForm

A form for configuring the Whoosh search backend.


Clear the search_index_file field.

This ensures the value is an absolute path and is writable.

__annotations__ = {}
declared_fields = {'search_index_file': <django.forms.fields.CharField object>}
class WhooshBackend[source]

Bases: reviewboard.search.search_backends.base.SearchBackend

The Whoosh search backend.

search_backend_id = 'whoosh'[source]

The search engine’s unique identifier.

name = 'Whoosh'[source]

The human-readable name for the search engine.

haystack_backend_name = 'haystack.backends.whoosh_backend.WhooshEngine'[source]

The name of the Haystack search engine backend.


alias of reviewboard.search.search_backends.whoosh.WhooshConfigForm

form_field_map = {'search_index_file': 'PATH'}[source]

A mapping of search engine settings to form fields.

property default_settings[source]

The default settings for the backend.

This is dynamic, in order to account for a change to SITE_DATA_DIR. In production, this value shouldn’t change, but it does in unit tests.

__annotations__ = {}