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djblets.extensions.hooks.TemplateHook is one of the most versatile hooks, allowing you to inject your own HTML into templates at various points.

Template hooks have three parameters:

  • name: The name of the template hook point to inject into.
  • template_name: The filename of the template to render. This should refer to template files in your extensions templates directory.
  • apply_to: An optional list of URL names to limit this hook to. This is useful when using a generic template hook point, but when you only want to inject onto a specific page. If this is not provided, the template will be rendered for all pages with the given hook point name.

Template Hook Names

All Pages

Name Location
base-extrahead Inside the <head> tag.
base-css Used to add new CSS.
base-scripts <script> tags that need to go at the top.
base-before-navbar At the top of the page before the navigation bar.
base-after-navbar After the navigation bar but before the content.
base-before-content Before the content.
base-after-content At the end of the content.
base-scripts-post <script> tags that go at the end of <body>.

Login Page

Name Location
before-login-form Displayed right before the login form.
after-login-form Displayed right after the login form.

Registration Page

Name Location
before-register-form Displayed right before the register form.
after-register-form Displayed right after the register form.

Review Request Pages

Name Location
review-summary-header-pre For each review, before the header.
review-summary-header-post For each review, after the header but before before any comments.

Additional template hook points are trivially added. If these are insufficient for your needs, please get in touch with the Review Board developer community.


from reviewboard.extensions.base import Extension
from reviewboard.extensions.hooks import TemplateHook

class SampleExtension(Extension):
    def initialize(self):
        TemplateHook(self, 'base-css', 'diff-extension-css.html',
                     apply_to=['view_diff', 'view_diff_revision'])
        TemplateHook(self, 'base-scripts-post', 'diff-extension-js.html',
                     apply_to=['view_diff', 'view_diff_revision'])