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This documentation covers Review Board 2.0. You can see the latest Review Board documentation or all other versions.

Repository Commits Resource

Provides information on the commits in a repository.

This will fetch a page of commits from the repository. Each page will usually be 30 items, but the exact count is dependent on the repository type. To paginate results, provide a start parameter with a value of the commit ID to start from. Usually this will be set to the parent field from the last commit.

Data on commits will not be available for all types of repositories.


Name commits
URI /api/repositories/{repository_id}/commits/
HTTP Methods
  • GET - Retrieves a set of commits from a particular repository.
Parent Resource Repository Resource
Child Resources None
Anonymous Access Yes, if anonymous site access is enabled


author_nameString The real name or username of the author who made the commit.
dateString The timestamp of the commit. This will be in ISO8601 format.

The revision identifier of the commit.

The format depends on the repository type (it may be a number, SHA-1 hash, or some other type). This should be treated as a relatively opaque.

messageString The commit message, if any.
parentString The revision of the parent commit. This may be an empty string if this is the first revision in the commit history for a repository or branch.


Retrieves a set of commits from a particular repository.

The start parameter is a commit ID to use as a starting point. This allows both pagination and logging of different branches. Successive pages of commit history can be fetched by using the parent field of the last entry as the start parameter for another request.

Request Parameters

branchString The ID of the branch to limit the commits to, as provided by the ‘id’ field of the repository branches API.
startString A commit ID to start listing from.


100 - Does Not ExistHTTP 404 - Not Found Object does not exist
101 - Permission DeniedHTTP 403 - Forbidden You don’t have permission for this
103 - Not Logged InHTTP 401 - Unauthorized You are not logged in
105 - Invalid Form DataHTTP 400 - Bad Request One or more fields had errors
209 - Repository Action Not SupportedHTTP 501 - Not Implemented The specified repository is not able to perform this action.
210 - Repository Information ErrorHTTP 500 - Internal Server Error There was an error fetching extended information for this repository.