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This documentation covers Review Board 2.0. You can see the latest Review Board documentation or all other versions.


Logging In

Review Board makes use of Basic HTTP Authentication for logging in. This is new in Review Board 1.5 and makes authentication much easier to implement.

If not logged in, any request that requires authentication will fail with an HTTP 403 Unauthorized status.

This response will contain a WWW-Authenticate header to set Basic realm="Web API".

The client must respond with an Authorization header in the next request to the URL. The contents of this will be Basic base64-auth. The base64-auth part is a base64-encoded representation of the string username:password.

For example, for a username and password of joe and mypass, you will base64-encode the string joe:mypass to get the resulting string am9lOm15cGFzcw==, which you would then send as Basic am9lOm15cGFzcw==.

After a successful login, you’ll receive a rbsessionid cookie that the client should use for all further requests. The cookie will be valid for a year.

Logging Out

Basic HTTP Authentication doesn’t really provide a way to log clients out, so it’s up to the client to simply stop storing the rbsessionid cookie and stop sending a populated Authorization header. Nothing needs to be done on the server to tell Review Board you’re no longer logged in.