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This documentation covers Review Board 2.0. You can see the latest Review Board documentation or all other versions.

File Diff Comment List Resource

Provides information on comments made on a particular per-file diff.

The list of comments cannot be modified from this resource. It’s meant purely as a way to see existing comments that were made on a diff. These comments will span all public reviews.


Name diff_comments
URI /api/review-requests/{review_request_id}/diffs/{diff_revision}/files/{filediff_id}/diff-comments/
HTTP Methods
  • GET - Returns the list of comments on a file in a diff.
Parent Resource File Diff Resource
Child Resources None
Anonymous Access Yes, if anonymous site access is enabled


Returns the list of comments on a file in a diff.

This list can be filtered down by using the ?line= and ?interdiff-revision=.

To filter for comments that start on a particular line in the file, using ?line=.

To filter for comments that span revisions of diffs, you can specify the second revision in the range using ?interdiff-revision=.

Request Parameters

counts-onlyBoolean If specified, a single count field is returned with the number of results, instead of the results themselves.
interdiff-revisionInteger The second revision in an interdiff revision range. The comments will be limited to this range.
lineInteger The line number that each comment must start on.
max-resultsInteger The maximum number of results to return in this list. By default, this is 25. There is a hard limit of 200; if you need more than 200 results, you will need to make more than one request, using the “next” pagination link.
order-byString Comma-separated list of fields to order by.
startInteger The 0-based index of the first result in the list. The start index is usually the previous start index plus the number of previous results. By default, this is 0.


100 - Does Not ExistHTTP 404 - Not Found Object does not exist
101 - Permission DeniedHTTP 403 - Forbidden You don’t have permission for this
103 - Not Logged InHTTP 401 - Unauthorized You are not logged in
105 - Invalid Form DataHTTP 400 - Bad Request One or more fields had errors



$ curl http://reviews.example.com/api/review-requests/8/diffs/1/files/31/diff-comments/ -H "Accept: application/json"
Vary: Accept, Cookie
Item-Content-Type: application/vnd.reviewboard.org.file-diff-comment+json
Content-Type: application/vnd.reviewboard.org.file-diff-comments+json
X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
  "diff_comments": [], 
  "links": {
    "self": {
      "href": "http://reviews.example.com/api/review-requests/8/diffs/1/files/31/diff-comments/", 
      "method": "GET"
  "stat": "ok", 
  "total_results": 0