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RBTools 0.6.1 Release Notes

Release date: June 9, 2014

New Features


  • Added compatibility with GNU diff on Solaris. (Bug #3334)

rbt patch

  • Empty added or deleted files are now properly added to or removed from the repository when using Mercurial, Perforce, or Subversion. (Bug #3390)

    This requires a change coming in Review Board 2.1.

    Patch by Anselina Chia.

rbt post

  • Added a --depends-on option for populating the Depends On field. (Bug #3074)

    Patch by Matthew Maclean.

  • The posted review request URL is now shown in the event of failure.

    If there’s an error while posting a review request, the URL of the review request will be shown. In the past, the user was left guessing.

    Patch by Alois Mahdal.

  • Empty files on Mercurial, Perforce, and Subversion repositories can now be posted to Review Board.

    Many types of diffs don’t actually represent empty files in any useful way. RBTools now handles these cases, providing Review Board with suitable information to show those files.

    This requires a change coming in Review Board 2.1.

    Patch by Anselina Chia.

rbt setup-repo

  • Improved matching of repository paths that vary slightly.

    The rbt setup-repo command now performs a fuzzy match against repositories, in order to match when the paths contain slight differences (such as trailing slashes or user credentials in the path).

    Patch by Georgy Dyuldin.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed support for --disable-proxy.

    We had a command line flag and configuration option (ENABLE_PROXY) for disabling the usage of a configured HTTP(s) proxy server, but it was being ignored in RBTools 0.6.

  • The --tracking-branch option is no longer listed as Git-only. It can be used for Mercurial as well.

  • Fixed handling API errors that contain Unicode content. (Bug #3376)

    This was often the result of server errors sent when parsing a diff failed.

rbt patch

  • Fixed crashes when patching files using certain versions of Review Board or types of repositories. (Bug #3360, Bug #3365)

  • Fixed crashes against Mercurial repositories.

    Patch by Anselina Chia.

rb post

  • Fixed compatibility issues with older versions of Review Board. (Bug #3348)

    Versions of Review Board prior to 1.7.19 had issues when posting review requests, due to fields that didn’t exist in the API in those versions. We now have extra logic to work around these.

  • Repository names take precedence over repository URLs when looking up repositories, fixing issues with Subversion. (Bug #3277)

  • The commit ID is no longer set on a review request if using --include/-I. (Bug #3328)

    It’s only set if posting a full commit. This helps to resolve conflicts in commit IDs when posting multiple review requests containing subsets of a commit.

    Patch by Matthew Maclean.

rbt status

  • Fixed specifying repository names using the --repository option.

    Patch by Maciej Borzecki.

  • Fixed issues with public Local Sites, such as public teams on RBCommons. (Bug #3350)

  • Fixed a crash against Subversion when receiving an unexpected line when running svn status.


  • Parent diffs are now properly generated with multiple remotes.

    If a user has multiple remotes, and pushes commits to a remote which is different from the one Review Board uses, RBTools would think that a parent diff isn’t required when it really is.

    It’s now much smarter and will generate a suitable parent diff.

    Patch by Stephen Gallagher.

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Git on Cygwin.


  • Fixed problems working with Mercurial repositories when a configured hgrc file contains empty key= lines.

  • Fixed crashes with confusing errors when RBTools is unable to find a remote branch for the repository.

  • Fixed a crash when calling rbt post with a merge revision ID as a single parameter.

    Now a proper error is displayed in this case.

    Patch by Georgy Dyuldin.


  • Fixed running several commands against Perforce repositories.

    Due to some bad assumptions about the existence of certain arguments, some commands would break against Perforce repositories.

  • Fixed diffing submitted Perforce changelists. (Bug #3335)

  • Fixed posting submitted Perforce changelists. (Bug #3347)

  • Fixed issues interpreting changeset results when posting Perforce depot paths. (Bug #3336)

  • Fixed crashes when posting Perforce paths with deleted files.

    Patch by Anselina Chia.


  • The -I option was being ignored for Subversion repositories on rbt post and rbt diff.


  • Alois Mahdal
  • Anselina Chia
  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • Georgy Dyuldin
  • Maciej Borzecki
  • Matthew Maclean
  • Stephen Gallagher