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RBTools 1.0.1 Release Notes

Release date: July 24, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed putch errors when requesting password input on Windows (Bug #4711).

    A regression in 1.0 caused password prompts to fail when running with Python 2.7.x on Windows. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed tracking branch detection with Git.

    RBTools 1.0 introduced a new mechanism for minimizing the amount of data sent to Review Board when posting dependent changes, but it was too aggressive when the branch being posted was pushed to the remote, overriding the configured tracking branch. This could result in errors about there being no diffs.

    This has been fixed to always respect the configured parent or tracking branch, and the diff size minimization algorithm is only used when determining the merge base for the remote.


  • David Trowbridge