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RBTools 0.7.5 Release Notes

Release date: October 26, 2015

New Features

  • Users can now specify the search path for .reviewboardrc files.

    The $RBTOOLS_CONFIG_PATH environment variable now controls the search path. It’s a list of paths separated by the system’s native path separator (':' on Linux/MacOS X, ';' on Windows). These paths are searched prior to any default paths.

    This is handy for forcing the .reviewboardrc file in your home directory to be searched first.

    Patch by Nils Philippsen.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed displaying error output containing non-ASCII characters. (Bug #3907)

  • On Windows, home directory detection now prefers the %HOME% environment variable to %APPDATA%.

    Prior to this release, %HOME% was always ignored in favor of %APPDATA%, which caused problems in certain setups.

    Patch by Vadim Zeitlin.

rbt api-get

  • The help output no longer mistakenly shows that -- is required before query arguments.

rbt post


  • Git version checking is no longer performed unless Git is installed, preventing a harmless but visible error message for systems without Git.


  • Fixed path separator differences when posting a change against Mercurial on Windows. (Bug #3894)

    Patch by Ali Kamali.

  • Fixed a regression with looking for empty files.

    When looking for empty files in a change (which must be handled specially), RBTools would get a null result, which wasn’t being handled correctly.


  • Fixed posting submitted Perforce changes.

    Posting submitted changes for review regressed in 0.7.x. They can now be posted again.

  • Fixed posting Perforce paths that are not included in the client view. (Bug #3864)

    It’s once again possible to post a committed revision for review when the commit contains files not in the client view.


  • Fixed Unicode issues when parsing repository info when using --repository-url. (Bug #3969)

    Patch by Griffin Myers.

  • Fixed issues processing when a changeset has history scheduled with a commit.

    Patch by Griffin Myers.

Team Foundation Server

  • Fixed a number of issues with diff generation on TFS.

    The method previously used to generate diffs didn’t deal with a lot of cases that could come up when using different editors or platforms, such as files that don’t end with a newline or files that start with a byte-order marker.

    RBTools now requires GNU diff for TFS diff generation.


  • Ali Kamali
  • Anthony Hache
  • Barret Rennie
  • Christian Hammond
  • David Trowbridge
  • Griffin Myers
  • Nils Philippsen
  • Vadim Zeitlin