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RBTools 0.3.0 Release Notes

Release date: January 30, 2011



  • Added support for the new Review Board 1.5.x API.

    This requires Review Board 1.5.2 or higher. New features will only implement support for the new API, as the old API in 1.0.x is deprecated and being removed in Review Board 1.6.

    On Review Board 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 servers, this will continue to use the old API, as we require some fixes and enhancements only available in 1.5.2 and higher.

    Support for older Review Board servers may be removed in a future release, but there aren’t any specific plans at this point.

  • Added a --reopen parameter for reopening an existing review request. This requires passing the -r parameter. Patch by Jan Koprowski. (Bug #1607)

  • The debug log now contains the RBTools version and home directory, in order to aid debugging.


  • Added support for --revision-range on ClearCase. Patch by Jan Koprowski. (Bug #1588)
  • Added support for --repository-url on ClearCase. This can be used to specify an alternate dynamic view. Patch by Jan Koprowski.
  • Added support for directory diffs on ClearCase. Patch by Jan Koprowski. (Bug #1626)


  • Added support for --revision-range and individual files for CVS. Patch by Daniel LaMotte. (Bug #1852)


  • Added support for reading reviewboard.url from a local hgrc file for Mercurial. Patch by Dan Buch.
  • Added support for posting reviews of locally-committed changes (instead of requiring that all changes be uncommitted). Patch by Dan Buch.
  • Added support for --parent for parent branches. Patch by Dan Buch.


  • Added a new --p4-passwd command line option.

    This allows a user to supply a Perforce Ticket or clear-text password, which is useful in cases where the Perforce password or ticket is not available in the environment where post-review is run. Patch by Ryan Shelley.

Plastic SCM

  • Added support for Plastic SCM.

    This supports changeset IDs and branch specifications as the diff argument, and is known to work with the latest version of Plastic SCM. Patch by Dick Porter.

    This requires Plastic SCM support in Review Board, which will be available in 1.6.

Bug Fixes


  • The json module is now only imported if it’s the one we expect. We look for Python 2.6’s version of the json module specifically, and disregard the third-party json module, which is not compatible. If the third-party one is found, we try to import simplejson instead.
  • The login cookie is no longer used when providing the --username/--password or --submit-as parameters. That was preventing these options from working as they should have. (Bug #762)
  • post-review no longer crashes if the cookie can’t be saved. Instead, we log some debug output and proceed. (Bug #1557)
  • Fixed cookie storage when using bare hostnames (such as http://reviews/). Patch by Noah Kantrowitz.
  • post-review provides a better error message when the generated diff is empty. Patch by Ben Hollis.
  • post-review provides better error messages when failing to find repositories. If matching against multiple found repositories, we display each repository we found and each valid repository. Patch by Dana Locaste. (Bug #1717)


  • We no longer hard-code the VIEWTYPE: information in descriptions in ClearCase. Patch by Jan Koprowski. (Bug #1610)
  • Fixed support ClearCase deployments where VOBs are mounted as subdirectories of /vobs. Patch by Bryan Halter. (Bug #1421)


  • Fixed working with code on branch names with slashes in the name. Patch by Petr Novák.
  • We now prevent external diff tools from being used when generating a diff on Git. Users could have a .gitconfig that specified an alternate diff tool, which would break with post-review. (Bug #1524)
  • We now check for the existence of .git/svn and for any files in that directory before calling git svn info. This speeds up use on all standard Git repositories and prevents the generation of the .git/svn directory.


  • The Mercurial support does a better job of checking for a hgsubversion clone. Patch by Dan Buch.


  • Speed up creating diffs for a range of files. We are now smarter about the file and revision comparisons when generating diffs. Patch by Gyula Faller.

  • post-review provides a more meaningful error message when a Perforce changelist doesn’t exist or when there aren’t changes in the changelist. Patch by Ben Hollis. (Bug #832)

  • If no change number is provided, Perforce will default to the default changelist. Patch by Ben Hollis. (Bug #1191)

  • Support move/delete changes in Perforce.

    A move/delete change wouldn’t be properly flagged and processed. We now treat it as a delete, as there will be a corresponding file add to go with it.

    Patch by Gordon McGregor.


  • Fixed problems with detecting relative paths when using Subversion.

    Depending on the repository configuration on the Subversion server and on Review Board, we would fail to find the correct repository. This was first reported with Apache’s Review Board setup.

    Patch by Andrew Stitcher.


  • Andrew Stitcher
  • Ben Hollis
  • Bryan Halter
  • Christian Hammond
  • Dan Buch
  • Dana Locaste
  • Daniel LaMotte
  • David Trowbridge
  • Dick Porter
  • Gordon McGregor
  • Gyula Faller
  • Jan Koprowski
  • Noah Kantrowitz
  • Petr Novák
  • Ryan Shelley