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RBTools 0.5.1 Release Notes

Release date: May 30, 2013

New Features

  • Improved the readability of rbt status output.

    Each review request output is now indented, causing the IDs and draft indicators to line up.

  • Added a --repository-type option to most commands.

    Any rbt commands which work with the repository, including post-review, now have a --repository-type option. This option allows the user to specify a particular repository type to be used.

    This type can also be set for a repository by setting REPOSITORY_TYPE in .reviewboardrc.

  • Added a post-review --list-repository-types option.

    This option will cause post-review to print the valid repository types and then exit. This can be used to see valid values for the new --repository-type option.

  • Added a new rbt list-repo-types command.

    The new rbt list-repo-types command will print the valid repository types. These values can be used for the new --repository-type option.

  • Third-parties can now write new SCM support by creating Python packages leveraging Python entry points. SCMClient subclasses can be registered through the rbtools_scm_clients entry point.

    All our SCMClients are registered this way as well.

API Client Changes

  • Added an API Client method for retrieving resources from a path.

    The RBClient now has a get_path method, which will accept a path and retrieve the API resource at that path. For example, a path of /review-requests/123/ would retrieve the resource at http://example.com/api/review-requests/123/

  • Add a get_or_create_draft method to the API.

    This new resource-specific method for Review Request Resources allows creating/retrieving a Review Request Draft resource. Previously, this was only accessible after first uploading a diff, which is no longer required.

  • Restructured the API Client internally.

    Instead of wrapping everything and hiding resources inside of various Transport objects, Resource objects are now returned to the user. The Transport no longer serves as an all-wrapping, interface to and between everything, super object, but as a simple interface to the Review Board server.

    Resource method calls which return HttpRequests are now decorated, which serves as the new wrapping mechanism. The decorator captures calls to these methods, and passes the internal method, and arguments, off to the Transport to be executed. The new simpler Transport now only provides a few core methods; primarily it needs to be able to massage the provided arguments, call the method, and deal with the returned HttpRequest in a suitable manner. This should make writing a new synchronous Transport simple.

    Now that proper Resource objects are returned, API users can rely on checking class types using isinstance() to differentiate between item and list resources, etc.

    Additionally, dictionary or list fields returned from a resource use standard class types, regardless of the transport used.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when copying old post-review cookies for use with rbt.

    An edge case existed where copying old post-review cookies to be used with the rbt command would cause a crash. Cookies will now be copied properly.

  • rbt commands will now properly generate diffs with moved files.

    The rbt commands were not properly checking the capabilities of the Review Board server, and always assumed there was no support for moved file diffs. The capabilities of the server are now properly checked, and diffs with moved files will be generated when appropriate.

  • Fixed references to non-existent variables in rbt patch.

    The rbt patch command would immediately crash, making it unusable. The command now functions properly.

    Patch by Adam Collard.

  • Fixed rbt post for Perforce repositories.

    When using rbt post with Perforce, posting an update to a review request using a change number would result in an error. We now properly update the review request instead of failing.

  • Fixed rbt post and rbt diff for Subversion and Bazaar.

    A number of cases causing crashes when using rbt with Subversion and Bazaar have been fixed.

  • Fixed post-review and rbt when used for Perforce paths.

    Posting a code review using a path no longer results in a crash.

    Patch by Damian Johnson (Bug #2881).

  • Fixed error handling when posting a review request.

    If an unhandled error code was returned from the server, the process would just quit without any useful indication of what went wrong. We now use the error message from the server.

    On top of this, rbt post and post-review now check against the proper error code for the Empty Diff error.

Packaging Changes

  • Conditionalize ez_setup.

    This makes life simpler for packagers, since most packaging tools will ensure that the appropriate packages are available on the system. Additionally, most packaging tools prefer not to rely on network access (since it can mean that identical rebuilds cannot be performed).

    Patch by Stephen Gallagher.


  • Adam Collard
  • Christian Hammond
  • Damian Johnson
  • Stephen Gallagher
  • Steven MacLeod