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RBTools 0.7.7 Release Notes

Release date: November 22, 2016

New Features

rbt install

rbt install is a new command which can install dependencies used by RBTools. This is currently used for new dependencies for Team Foundation Server, as described below.

rbt post

  • Added a --field option for setting custom fields.

    Review Board extensions can add new fields to review requests, which could be set through the user interface. This new option allows specifying the value of those fields via the command line. It can also be used to set the built-in fields by using summary, description, and testing-done as the field name.

    Patch by John Larmie.

Team Foundation Server

  • Add a new adapter for communicating with TFS.

    Until now, using Team Foundation Server from RBTools required installing Team Explorer Everywhere. In this release, we’ve added an alternative adapter which improves functionality and performance. To install this, run rbt install tfs.

  • Add support for posting shelved changesets.

    When using the new TFS adapter, TFS shelvesets can be posted by running rbt post <shelveset-name>.

Bug Fixes

rbt land

  • Add the --tracking-branch option to rbt land. (Bug #4161)

    This command now allows specifying the tracking branch, which allows landing changes to upstream branches that are not the default (e.g. “origin/master”).

  • Fixed a crash when rbt land was unable to determine the approval state. (Bug #4024)

    In some cases, attempting to determine the approval state of a review request was encountering an unexpected error, leading to an ugly crash. In these cases, we now show a good error message.

    Patch by Ryan Swanson.

rbt login

  • Fix an error when the server is unspecified.

    If the Review Board server was not specified via the command line or config file, rbt login would fail with an ugly error. This has been fixed to show a helpful message.

rbt post

  • Work around an uncaught exception issue with a Python bug on Apple macOS 10.11.

    Patch by Erik Lattimore.

  • Fix matching repositories with the mirror path set. (Bug #4401)

    In the Review Board admin interface, repositories have an optional mirror path attribute which is used for matching on the client side. Actually matching the current repository to the mirror path regressed in RBTools 0.7.6, and has been fixed here.

    Patch by Ben.


  • Fix a crash when using --exclude with git-svn and git-p4 repositories.


  • Fix compatibility with Mercurial 2.x.

    RBTools 0.7.6 introduced a fix that mistakenly relied on command line syntax only available in Mercurial 3.0 and newer. Compatibility with older versions has been fixed.


  • Properly handle null client roots.

    On Windows, Perforce clients are allowed to specify the client root as null, indicating that all paths are within the root (to allow for clients which span multiple drive letters). This would previously cause RBTools to crash.

    Patch by Martin Donlon.

  • Fix posting revision ranges of submitted changelists.

    Posting a range of submitted changelists (for example, rbt post //a/b/c/...@23,@28) could fail with a type exception.

    Patch by Amey Prabhu Gaonkar.


  • Fix looking up Subversion repositories by UUID.

    RBTools 0.7.6 regressed a feature that could match the local Subversion repository to the repository on the server using the UUID. This has been fixed.

  • Added a configuration file key for --svn-prompt-password (Bug #4446)

    The value for this attribute can now be set permanently in .reviewboardrc files using the SVN_PROMPT_PASSWORD key.


  • Amey Prabhu Gaonkar

  • Barret Rennie

  • Ben (full name unknown)

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • Erik Lattimore

  • John Larmie

  • Martin Donlon

  • Ryan Swanson

  • Shaurya Sengar