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RBTools 0.4.3 Release Notes

Release date: January 28, 2013

New Features

  • Added support for posting from Bazaar repositories. Patch by Max Rabkin. (Bug #773)

  • Passing --basedir to post-review will override the computed base directory used for Subversion diffs.

  • Added better support for moved files in Perforce.

    Moved files in Git and Perforce now have additional information in the diffs that, on a modern Review Board server, will generate nicer diffs, instead of showing a big deleted file and a big added file.

    This requires Review Board 1.7.3 or higher.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed problems authenticating with the server when anonymous access is disabled. Patch by Xiaodang Xu. (Bug #2429, Bug #2430)
  • Fixed loading settings from the user’s ~/.reviewboardrc when it’s the only .reviewboardrc in the search path. Patch by Markku Linnoskivi.
  • Fixed a crash when the user’s home directory isn’t writable. (Bug #2344)
  • Added a fallback when failing to get the API version from a Review Board server. Patch by Damian Johnson.
  • The “Username” prompt is now printed to stderr instead of stdout, to match the “Password” prompt’s inputted text. (Bug #2831)
  • Unicode URLs are now encoded as UTF-8, preventing an encoding conflict when talking to Review Board. (Bug #2238)


  • Git diffs no longer contain move/rename information if the Review Board server doesn’t support it. Patch by Dave Druska.


  • Fixed --guess-summary when it has newline characters in it. Patch by Alexander Kouznetsov. (Bug #2703)


  • Fixed problems generating diffs containing deleted files.


  • Alexander Kouznetsov
  • Christian Hammond
  • Damian Johnson
  • Dave Druska
  • David Trowbridge
  • Manu Cupcic
  • Markku Linnoskivi
  • Max Rabkin
  • Steven MacLeod
  • Xiaodang Xu