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RBTools 2.0 Release Notes

Release date: November 29, 2020

New Features and Bug Fixes

DVCS Support

RBTools 2.0 now supports posting review requests that include multiple commits when using Review Board 4.0 Beta 1 or newer. This is supported for Git and Mercurial repositories.

While RBTools could always post review requests spanning more than one commit, the resulting diff would have all of the commits squashed into a single change. Review Board is now capable of showing all the commits separately.

Custom CA and Certificates

RBTools now allows specifying a custom certificate authority bundle and custom TLS certificate and key for authenticating to a Review Board server using self-signed certificates. This is done by specifying the --ca-certs, --client-key, and --client-cert arguments.

Patch by Alessandro.

Windows Installer uses Python 3

We’ve updated the RBTools for Windows installer to ship the latest Python 3.8 release. This gives you a modern, well-tested version of Python, useful for any custom scripts using the RBTools Python API.

Please note that if you have existing scripts written with Python 2.7 in mind, you may need to port them to support Python 3.8.

rbt diff

  • Fixed outputting diffs that contained non-UTF-8 content on Python 3.

    Patch by Daniel Fox.

rbt land

  • Allow specifying the review request as a URL instead of just the ID.

rbt patch

  • Allowed rbt patch --print to operate outside of a source repository (Bug #4628).

    Normally, RBTools commands must be run from within a checkout. The rbt patch --print command just fetches data from the server and prints it, and as such no longer requires a local checkout.

  • Allow specifying the review request as a URL instead of just the ID.

    Patch by André Klitzing.

  • Fixed outputting diffs that contained non-UTF-8 content on Python 3.

    Patch by Daniel Fox.

rbt status

  • Added custom formatting.

    The new --format and -z options allow specifying a custom format for the status output, making it more suitable for scripting.

  • Show the correct summary for draft review requests (Bug #4855)

    Patch by Cecilia Wei

rbt setup-repo

  • Updated rbt setup-repo to better guide through the setup process.

    We’ve had several reports of confusion about what exactly rbt setup-repo is for, and complaints that it wasn’t clear what was happening. We’ve reworked the command to better explain what information is being asked for, and show what the command will do.

    Patch by Katherine Patenio.

  • Fixed fuzzy matching when there are a lot of repositories.

    When there are many pages of repositories available in the API, setup-repo was selecting a fuzzy match from an early page when an exact match was available on a later page. This has been fixed to fetch all the repositories before attempting a match.

    Patch by Boris Krasnovskiy.

rbt version

  • Added the Python version to the rbt version output.

    In order to facilitate debugging of issues across different Python versions, the rbt version output now includes the Python version as well.

    Patch by Xiaole Zeng.


  • Added --git-find-renames-threshold for rbt diff and rbt post.

    Git diffs will attempt to detect when files have been renamed, but the default threshold may not correctly identify renamed files if many changes have been made to the file. This option allows customizing the threshold to make it either more or less strict when creating the diff.

  • Added support for Git’s new init.defaultBranch config option.

    Git has a new config option for specifying the name of the default branch used in new repositories, and it’s likely that more and more people will start to use names other than master. This worked in most situations, but additional fallbacks have been added to try to detect the correct branch name in unusual situations.

  • Fixed reporting errors when failing to apply Git diffs on Python 3.

    Patch by Daniel Fox.


  • Add the ability for the Mercurial client in the API to use a custom hg executable.

    Mercurial provides a command-server that can be used for faster operations. This requires invoking chg rather than hg. When using the client via the Python API, callers can now pass in a custom executable name or path.

    Patch by André Klitzing.

  • Fixed posting changes that included files that were moved in a parent diff.

  • Made a variety of performance improvements in repository detection.

    Patches by André Klitzing.


  • Added a new reviewboard.repository_name counter.

    For large projects that use Perforce but for some reason don’t want to include a .reviewboardrc in their repository, the Perforce admin could create a counter to point to the server, but RBTools still would perform expensive repository detection every time it was invoked. This new counter can be used in place of the REPOSITORY config key in .reviewboardrc to speed up this process.

    Though this is available, committing a .reviewboardrc file to the repository or branch root is still our recommended way of setting up RBTools.

  • Fixed repository information detection for Perforce repositories which use different SSL configurations.

Python API

  • Added support for new field expansion information in API payloads.

    Review Board 4.0 introduces metadata for expanded fields, which makes it more flexible when making API requests. The Python API now supports this and accessing an expanded field from a resource will return the resource object for the field instead of just a simple field wrapper. Attribute accesses work the same as before, but the resource object also allows invoking methods.


  • Allessandro

  • André Klitzing

  • Barret Rennie

  • Boris Krasnovskiy

  • Cecilia Wei

  • Christian Hammond

  • Daniel Fox

  • David Trowbridge

  • Joshua Olson

  • Katherine Patenio

  • Keith Kelly

  • Xiaole Zeng