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RBTools 0.5.0 Release Notes

Release date: March 19, 2013

New Features

API Client

  • A new Python API Client has been introduced for communication with the Review Board Web API.

    The API client provides convenient access to Review Board Web API resources, and makes performing REST operations simple. The API client will be used internally by RBTools going forward, and can be leveraged by third party programs.

    Some of the initial design work, and HTTPRequest abstraction was provided by Alexander Solovets.


This is the initial release of our new command line tool, rbt. It provides access to useful sub-commands which interact with local source code repositories and Review Board. This tool will eventually replace post-review, but is currently considered beta.

There are a number of built in sub-commands.

rbt attach

The attach command is used to upload file attachments to a review request.

Largely implemented by John Sintal.

rbt close

Close review requests as submitted. Optionally, a review request may be discarded by providing the value discarded to the --close-type option.

Largely implemented by John Sintal.

rbt diff

Generate a diff from the local repository and print it to the screen instead of creating a review request for it.

Largely implemented by John Sintal.

rbt patch

Download the latest diff from a review request and apply it to the local working directory. The --diff-revision option may be used to specify a specific revision of the diff to use.

Largely implemented by John Sintal.

rbt post

Simplifies both creating and updating review requests. It can look at your source directory, generate a diff, and upload it to a new or existing review request on an associated Review Board server. This saves a lot of time over the web UI, and for some types of code repositories (such as Perforce), it’s actually required in order to produce a compatible diff.

This command serves as the replacement for post-review’s primary workflow.

rbt publish

Publish the draft associated with a review request.

Largely implemented by John Sintal.

rbt status

Output a list of your pending review requests associated with the working directory’s repository. Review requests which currently have a draft will be identified by an asterisk (*).

Optionally, pending review requests from all repositories can be displayed by providing the --all option.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix treating an SVN repository as Perforce by mistake.

    This changes the order in which we check for repositories. Perforce was coming before Subversion, but Perforce would give us a false-positive due to the fact that it says we have a valid repository so long as P4PORT is set to something real.

    Patch by Chris Liu.


  • Fix diff generation with unedited files in Perforce.

    If you made a Perforce-backed code review with an unedited (but opened) file, then Review Board would choke on the empty diff content.

    Patch by Damian (Bug #2754).

  • Gracefully handle no-match in p4 info regex.

    If a match for the p4d version was not found, a Python traceback would be triggered and printed to the screen. We will now gracefully bail out in this situation.

    Patch by Ed Wehrwein.


  • Support posting review requests in ClearCase snapshot view.

    When using snapshot view, RBTools would report a confusing error message. Proper support for snapshot view was added.

    Patch by Tao Zhou.


  • Don’t block waiting for user input from svn.

    Certain situations, like using Subversion with https, would cause svn to hang waiting for user input. Calls to svn will no longer trigger prompts.

    Patch by Tom Masterson


  • Alexander Solovets
  • Chris Liu
  • Christian Hammond
  • Damian
  • David Trowbridge
  • Ed Wehrwein
  • John Sintal
  • Steven MacLeod
  • Tao Zhou
  • Tom Masterson