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RBTools 0.7.10 Release Notes

Release date: May 23, 2017



  • Fixed compatibility on all macOS installs.

    In the past, our macOS installer had various issues depending on a combination of the macOS version and the Python installation. This led to the installer working great for some users and not at all for others.

    The new installer has been carefully built to work on all standard macOS installs, going back several major versions, and to work when using a version of Python custom-installed from python.org or homebrew.

New Features

  • Added new support for Team Foundation Server on Visual Studio 2017.

    Visual Studio 2017 made some changes that prevented our existing Team Foundation Server support from working, but added better support to the tf.exe command. We now support this, allowing users to post against Team Foundation Server on Visual Studio 2010 through 2017.

  • Added a configuration option to suppress harmless warnings from Git, Mercurial, and Perforce. (Bug #4041)

    Users can now set SUPPRESS_CLIENT_WARNINGS in .reviewboardrc to prevent warnings about missing files or dirty working directories. This can be useful if you’re frequently encountering large numbers of warnings that you don’t care about.

  • Improved the ability to match ClearCase repositories.

    ClearCase VOBs are path-based, and these paths are dependent on the operating system. This can make it difficult to match ClearCase repositories.

    Now repository names on Review Board can be set to match the entire VOB path (which is still dependent on the path format on the OS), or can be named after some component of the path (such as the actual VOB name). For instance, a VOB of /vobs/myVOB could have a corresponding repository named myVOB.

    Patch by Chris Hunt.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance when scanning and matching ClearCase repositories.

    Patch by Chris Hunt.

Bug Fixes

rbt post

  • Fixed opening review requests in the browser on macOS when posting using --open. (Bug #4546)

    Recent versions of macOS introduced a regression in the AppleScript used to open URLs in browsers, which is needed by Python’s webbrowser module to open posted review requests in browsers.

    RBTools will now post using open instead, ensuring the right browser is used.


  • Fixed support for uploading user file attachments (added in Review Board 3.0).

  • Fixed the API to raise exceptions in places that formerly just quit the process.

    We had some old code in our API, primarily those interfacing with source code management tools, that would exit the program when things went wrong. These now raise errors instead, allowing calling programs to gracefully handle the errors.


  • Fixed a crash when posting changes against git-svn repositories.

  • Submodules with changes no longer cause warnings saying that your main repository is dirty when posting changes.

    Patch by Vadim Zeitlin.


  • Fixed problems with Subversion diffs with lines looking like diff file headers. (Bug #4546)

    When fixing up Subversion diffs before posting for review, lines that looked like a diff file header (-- XX (YY)) would be interpreted as one, causing diffs to lose content. The code handling this is now more careful to ensure the lines are in fact part of diff headers.

Team Foundation Server

  • Fixed a regression when posting changes using the Team Explorer Everywhere adapter.


  • Barret Rennie
  • Christian Hammond
  • Chris Hunt
  • David Trowbridge
  • Simon Zhang
  • Vadim Zeitlin