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RBTools 0.5.6 Release Notes

Release date: January 29, 2014

Bug Fixes

rbt diff

rbt post

  • Perforce repositories are no longer matched when outside of the checkout. (Bug #3171)

    Previously, if p4 info showed a valid repository, rbt post would assume it matched the current directory, and try to post with it. This would cause problems if the Perforce repository check occurred before the check for the type of repository in the current directory.

    We now validate that the result of p4 info matches the current directory before assuming it’s correct.

  • Fixed a crash when using rbt post -u CLN. (Bug #3197)

rbt setup-repo

  • Fixed a Python 2.4 compatibility issue. (Bug #3193)

    Patch by Dan Porter.

rbt status


  • Fixed issues with successive calls to .create() or .update() on resources. (Bug #3197)


  • Christian Hammond
  • Dan Porter
  • David Trowbridge