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RBTools 0.5.3 Release Notes

Release date: January 1, 2014

New Features


  • Improved the output of rbt --help.

    The help output now lists the most commonly used commands first, followed by all other commands registered with RBTools.

  • Added support for RBCommons 2 factor authentication.

    RBCommons is soon getting 2 factor authentication support, enabling tighter security of accounts by requiring a verification code sent to a mobile device.

    This release is needed for those enabling 2 factor authentication on RBCommons.


rbt patch

  • Added a --print option for printing the patch instead of applying it to the tree.

    Patch by Sudhir Sangappa.

  • Added a --commit (or -c) option to automatically create a commit on the local branch with the summary, description, bugs, testing, author information, and diff contents from the review request.

    This is currently only supported for Git.

    Patch by Edward Lee.

rbt post

  • Added a -u option for automatically determining the review request to update.

    Running rbt post -u will now look for an existing review request that best matches the latest commit (or last commit in a revision range) to update. If it can guarantee a match, it will update the review request. Otherwise, if it’s unsure, it will prompt for confirmation.

    This is a nicer alternative than running rbt post -r <ID>.

    Patch by Edward Lee.

  • On Git, posting with a dirty working directory now results in a warning.

    This helps solve a common problem where users will try to post a change without committing all modified files. (Bug #3120)

rbt setup-repo

  • Added a new rbt setup-repo command for creating a .reviewboardrc file.

    This is used when first setting up a repository. It will prompt for the Review Board server URL and will then try to find the appropriate repository matching the local checkout. If not found, it will prompt for this as well.

    Patch by Edward Lee.

SCM Support


  • Added support for hidden changesets.

    The Mercurial support now allows hidden changesets to be specified when using --revision-range or any other time a revision is needed. RBTools now passes --hidden to all Mercurial commands.

    Patch by Gregory Szorc.


  • Added support for Perforce brokers. (Bug #2568)

    If p4 info reports a Broker address: field, it will be used instead of the Server address:.

    Patch by Jeffrey Markham.

  • Fixed looking up Perforce servers using a separate hostname.

    When looking up a Perforce server, RBTools will look for aliases and the real hostname for the server. If the repository was registered with some other hostname, it would fail. We now include the requested hostname when looking up the repository.

API Changes

  • Added a function for getting the repository ID from the server for the provided repository info.

    This introduces rbtools.utils.repository.get_repository_id, which will fetch the repository ID from the server based on the repository information passed to it.

    Patch by Edward Lee.

  • url attributes provided by resources can now be properly accessed. They were previously being overridden to point to the API resource URL.

    Patch by Edward Lee.

  • The fields attribute has been made private. Callers should access the fields directory as attributes, rather than going through this.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a missing space in the “You are not authenticated” string when prompting to log in.

  • Pressing Control-C now exits cleanly, instead of showing an exception. Patch by Garrett Cooper.

  • Passing --username and --password on the command line now properly prevents RBTools from prompting for a username/password when logging in. (Bug #3114)

    Patch by Garrett Cooper.

  • Fixed problems with loading third-party RBTools commands.

    Third-party RBTools commands are now properly loaded, invoked, and shown in --help output.


rbt diff

  • Fixed a crash when using rbt diff. Patch by Jose Pereira.

SCM Support


  • Bazaar support now supports the “checkout of branch” string in bzr info. (Bug #2960)


  • Fixed a crash when attempting to diff with git-p4. Patch by Edward Lee.

  • Only the top commit is used now when guessing the summary and description. Patch by Damian Johnson.

  • Fixed calculating the parent diff when using --revision-range. (Bug #3125)

    Patch by Adar Dembo.

  • Fixed compatibility with git-p4. (Bug #3169)

    Patch by Dan Porter.


  • Fixed a crash when trying to post without any outgoing changes when warnings were displayed.

  • Fixed a crash when running rbt diff --revision-range. Patch by Gregory Szorc.

  • hgrc files are no longer ignored. (Bug #3034)

    Previously, hgrc files were being ignored in order to prevent certain options from interfering with diff generation. That ended up causing more problems than it solved.

    We now filter out those diff options specifically, allowing us to load hgrc files again.

    Patch by Gregory Szorc.


  • Warnings (such as for unsupported locales) generated when fetching the reviewboard:url property are no longer shown.

    Patch by Tzafrir Cohen.


  • Adar Dembo
  • Christian Hammond
  • Damian Johnson
  • Dan Porter
  • David Trowbridge
  • Edward Lee
  • Garrett Cooper
  • Gregory Szorc
  • Mike Conley
  • Jeffrey Markham
  • Jose Pereira
  • Steven MacLeod
  • Sudhir Sangappa
  • Tzafrir Cohen