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RBTools 0.2 Beta 2 Release Notes

Release date: September 21, 2009.


New Feature

  • Installing RBTools now installs post-review.exe on Windows.

  • Added support for posting paths of files against Perforce repositories instead of change numbers. This can be used for posting specific files that were already committed. Revision numbers can also be specified.

    The post-review documentation covers how to use these new parameters.

    Patch by Eric Huss.

  • Added support for --parent, --guess-summary, and --guess-description for hgsubversion. Patch by Augie Fackler.

  • post-review no longer needs simplejson if using Python 2.6.

  • Added repository UUID support for git-svn. This works the same way as SVN’s repository UUID support. Patch by Matthew Woehlke.

  • Diffs generated for Git now contain the full SHA1s instead of the shortened form, which is needed for Review Board servers using GitHub or other similar services and configured with raw URL support for fetching files from Git.

Bugs Fixed


  • Fix an infinite recursion problem during login with invalid cookies. Patches by Eric Huss and Chris Clark. (Bug #808)


  • Our ClearCase support no longer breaks post-review if cleartool isn’t installed.
  • We now generate revision strings properly with ClearCase. They were missing a space, squashing parameters together.


  • The local repository configuration (.reviewboardrc) wasn’t being read with Git repositories.


  • Fix the Mercurial support so that it doesn’t assume a repository is a hg-svn repository incorrectly.


  • Our Perforce support would break with files containing spaces in the path. Patch by Steven Russell. (Bug #840)
  • Fix line termination issues with Perforce when files coming in have \r\r\n termination. We now normalize these to \r\n. This can happen in some Perforce setups when dealing with a file checked out from one platform and modified on another. Patch by Raghu Kaippully. (Bug #1071)
  • Changes with binary files could break the generated diffs with Perforce. Patch by Chris Trimble.
  • We now mark temporary files as read/write instead of write-only in the Perforce support, to prevent problems on Windows. (Bug #1143)
  • gdiff (GNU diff) is now used on Solaris instead of diff when using Perforce. Solaris’s diff is incompatible with post-review.


  • URLs weren’t always properly joined for SVN repositories on Windows. Patch by Jeremy Bettis. (Bug #939)


  • Augie Fackler
  • Christian Hammond
  • Chris Clark
  • Chris Trimble
  • Dana Lacoste
  • David Trowbridge
  • Eric Huss
  • Jeremy Bettis
  • Matthew Woehlke
  • Raghu Kaippully
  • Steven Russell