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RBTools 0.2 RC 1 Release Notes

Release date: February 13, 2010


This release contains many feature and compatibility enhancements over 0.2 beta 2. It’s also required for the upcoming Review Board 1.5 release, due to some API changes being made.

New Features


  • Added support for HTTP Digest Authentication. Patch by Ryan Oblak.
  • Syntax errors in .reviewboardrc files are now reported, along with the filename, line number and offset in the line. Patch by Eric Huss.
  • Added a --diff-filename option to post-review to specify an existing diff to upload instead of generating a new diff. A value of - will tell post-review to read from standard input. Patch by Chris Clark.
  • post-review is now much more flexible with the HTTP status codes received from the server. It used to assume that anything other than an HTTP 200 OK was an error. However, in the upcoming 1.5 release of Review Board, API error codes will be represented by different HTTP status codes.


  • Git now supports --revision-range. Patch by Flavio Castelli.

  • Parent branches are now properly detected rather than hard-coding master. The logic now attempts the following:

    1. Tries to detect he tracking branch for the current HEAD, if possible.
    2. If a tracking branch doesn’t exist, or is not remote, it will fall back on origin/master.
    3. If the new --tracking-branch parameter is specified, this branch will be used instead of origin/master.

    Patch by Dan Savilonis.


  • Added support for --guess-description and --guess-summary for Mercurial. These support revision ranges. Patch by Stefan Ring.


  • post-review now supports older versions of p4d, prior to 2002.2. Patch by Matthew Woehlke.
  • Server aliases are now supported. Some Perforce setups have DNS aliases for a Perforce server, which would cause a failure to find the right repository on a Review Board server. We now attempt each alias until we find the right one. This doesn’t require any additional configuration. Patch by Ravi Kondamuru.
  • Add support for the new move/add and move/delete operations. Newer versions of Perforce these new operation types in the change lists, which really map to our existing add and delete. (Bug #1417)
  • Added support for diffs against the “default” pending changelist. Patch by Matthew Woehlke. (Bug #1020)


  • Subversion now supports the --revision-range parameter. (Bug #1162)

Bugs Fixed


  • The path to the user’s Application Data directory was wrong on Windows Vista and Windows 7. The path is now determined from the APPDATA environment variable. (Bug #1279)
  • post-review no longer unconditionally publishes a draft when setting a field (such as the summary, target reviewers, etc.). This was resulting in an extra change description entry, even if uploading the diff failed. We now explicitly require using --publish. (Bug #811)
  • Fix error reporting when using --diff-only. When encountering a server-side error, an exception would be thrown, instead of handling them in a sane fashion. This was due to special-casing error reporting for this option. We now report the errors properly. Patch by Eric Huss.
  • There were issues with uploading diffs containing non-ASCII characters. The Content-Length header was calculated based on the length of the diff in characters instead of bytes, possibly truncating some files. We now ensure that this is properly calculated. Patch by Thilo-Alexander Ginkel.
  • Removed an unnecessary dependency on simplejson on Python 2.6. (Bug #1383)


  • When using git-svn, binary files were being filtered out of diffs. We now fake the information needed to include it in the diff. Patch by Anthony Cruz.
  • Fixed a bad assumption with git-svn where the master branch was hard-coded to represent SVN’s trunk. Now it calculates the parent branch, which may be master or some other branch. Patch by Mike Crute.


  • Mercurial repository paths in a .hgrc file that contained usernames would fail to match on the Review Board server. These usernames are now stripped out from the path. Patch by Tom Saeger.


  • Files without a trailing newline resulted in broken diffs, where the diff from one file merged in with the diff from the next. We now work around this by guaranteeing a newline between the two files. (Bug #1340)
  • Fix support for listing binary files in a diff. Patch by Eric Huss.


  • Anthony Cruz
  • Christian Hammond
  • Dan Savilonis
  • David Trowbridge
  • Eric Huss
  • Flavio Castelli
  • Jason Felice
  • Luke Robison
  • Matthew Woehlke
  • Mike Crute
  • Petr Novák
  • Ravi Kondamuru
  • Ryan Oblak
  • Stefan Ring
  • Thilo-Alexander Ginkel
  • Tom Saeger