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RBTools 0.4.2 Release Notes

Release date: September 24, 2012

New Features

  • The .post-review-cookies.txt file is now made readable only by the calling user, improving security. (Bug #2231)

  • Improved debug output.

    The debug output now includes additional information on the user’s environment, in order to help diagnose problems.

    When a command fails, we’ll still show the debugging information, even if we ignore the error.

    It also will show log output from other Python modules we call, such as hg.

    Parts of this were written by Craig Silverstein.

  • Updated our Plastic support for Plastic 4.0. This is no longer compatible with previous versions.

    Patch by Luis Rodriguez.

  • A revision to diff against can now be specified when using hgsubversion. Patch by Frank Murphy.

Bug Fixes


  • Using UTF-8 in the summary or description no longer breaks. Patch by Karsten Verelst. (Bug #2616)
  • The GNU diff error no longer mentions Subversion specifically.
  • Posting a diff to a submitted review request now displays an error instead of reopening the review request. Patch by Bogdana Popa. (Bug #2549)

Clear Case

  • Fixed base path generation for Clear Case. Patch by Tomasz Moń.


  • Fix issues when running post-review within a git submodule with recent Git revisions. (Bug #2526)

    On recent versions of Git, the .git directory for a submodule was relocated to being in the top-level project instead of in the worktree of the submodule. We now handle this case.

    Patch by Nicolas Morey.

  • Git diffs no longer include diffs from submodules, preventing useless diffs from being created. Patch by Amber Yust.

  • post-review no longer breaks when run from a detached Git HEAD. Patch by Nicolas Morey.


  • Fixed bailing on harmless warnings when running hg commands. Patch by Craig Silverstein.
  • Fixed path calculation for hgsubversion when the path contains a username. Patch by Frank Murphy.


  • Scanning for the right repository is much faster now when there are lots of Subversion repositories on the server.

  • Fix handling of revisions with deleted files for Subversion. (Bug #1113)

  • Handle modifications inside moved/copied directories for Subversion.

    post-review no longer has problems when dealing with a modified file inside a copied or moved directory.

    Patch by Alexey Neyman.


  • Alexey Neyman
  • Amber Yust
  • Bogdana Popa
  • Christian Hammond
  • Craig Silverstein
  • David Trowbridge
  • Frank Murphy
  • Karsten Verelst
  • Luis Rodriguez
  • Nicolas Morey
  • Nicolas Morey
  • Tomasz Moń