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RBTools 0.6.2 Release Notes

Release date: July 6, 2014

Bug Fixes

rbt patch

  • Fixed issues when patching against a Mercurial repository.

    Patch by Bruce Cran.

  • When creating a commit, rbt patch now shows a proper message if there’s no default editor available (as specified by $EDITOR).

    Patch by John Ioannidis.

rbt post

  • Fixed encoding issues when displaying errors from the server.


  • Fixed an issue when posting changes against ClearCase repositories. (Bug #3439)


  • Fixed inconsistent command line arguments to git diff when posting against a Review Board server with moved file support.


  • Fixed posting of committed changes containing “branch” operations. (Bug #3410)


  • Bruce Cran

  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge

  • John Ioannidis